Date: Jan 9. 2011 - (c) Andrew Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.
Boeing comes down close Urumyeh in Iran on January 9.

50 people rescued from Aircraft carrying 95 


A Boeing aircraft is to have come down crashed close to Urumyeh in Iran on Sunday January 9. 2011 close to 07.45 local time. 50 survivors are to have been rescued from the wreckage. The aircraft was carrying 95 people. The accident occurs exactly below the line cast for the Solar eclipse on January 4. where the eclipsed Sun appears on the Upper Midheavan.

Chart for the Solar Eclipse of January 4. 2011


The Astro*Cartography of the Solar Eclipse for Asia

The above chart was posted at on Dec.28.2010 (here). The aircraft came down just north of the blue circle on the left hand of the map, in Iranian territory and next to the lake/small sea.

Chart for the Plane Crash

The aircrash occurs at Sunrise. The degree of the recent Solar Eclipse has recently ascendend, I am not sure how that may turn up in terms of meaning. Is it the time of departure, or some fatal fault during the flight? The Moon is 12PI37 and applies by sextile to the eclipse degree at 12CP39.
Source: Aftenposten