Date: Jan 23. 2011 - (c) Andrew Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.
Irish government collapses

Jan 23: The Green Party withdraw from coalition Government in Ireland,  forcing an election ahead of March 11. as Prime Minister Brian Cowan announced earlier this week. Source: Aftenposten. Only yesterday, PM Cowan announced his resign as Party Leader for Fianna Fáil after internal disagreements within the party. Source: Aftenposten, Daily Mail.

The tension over Ireland was indicated in the chart for the Solar eclipse of January 4. and commented in the observations of December 2010.


Astro*Cartography chart for the Solar Eclipse of January 4. 2011

Dec 28. 2010, quote: "The Eclipse is directly on the Eastern horizon on a line that goes through Ireland. These people have already been thrown into the deep of a financial turmoil. There is the need to look for collective solutions to avoid the dissatisfaction coming to a new peak.." (Link)