Date: Jan 24. 2011 - (c) Andrew Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.
Terrorist Attack on Moscow Airport

Jan 24: At least 35 lives are to have been lost and over 130 people injured in a bomb attack on the Domodedovo Airport in Moscow this afternoon at 16.40 local time, newspapers report. Source: Aftenposten

The coordinates of the Domodedovo Airport is 55N25, 35E35. This is located 1 degree East of the Pluto line for the Astro*Cartography chart of the Solar Eclipse on January 4. 2011 - and is is not far from the point where Pluto intersects with Saturn on the descendant. Saturn and Pluto together may in many cases rapidly be recognized as the signature of terrorist actions.


Astro*Cartography chart for the Solar Eclipse of January 4. 2011

Today, on the day of the Bomb-attack against the Domodedovo Airport, the current Moon is moving through the sign of the air sign Libra. But less than 14 days ago, namely on January 12. the Moon was in the opposite sign Aries when the Israeli Air-Force launched a missile attack on Gaza. This event occurred under the same meridian that is highlighted by the planet Pluto. (Link)
Conventional Chart for the Solar eclipse cast for Domodedovo Airport
Consider the size of the 6th house and Aries, a sign of short ascension, on the radical ascendant - it is easy to spy the closeness of Saturn to the Western horizon. 
The Event Chart
The bomb exploded at on January 24 at 16.40 local time or 15.40 GMT. At this time the Sun was in the Western horizon with the planet of war, Mars. The Moon was on the Lower Meridian in the 9th degree of Libra.