Date: Feb 9. 2011 - (c) Andrew Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.
New Moon of February 3. 2011
Largest storm for 4yrs hits Norwegian Coastline
On the same day as the New Moon of Feb 3. the Norwegian West Coast was hit by the largest storm for 4 years. Newspaper Bergens Tidene reported as a severe low pressure moved in from Greenland and into Norwegian territories. Norwegians were advised to secure all loose objects. Motorvehicle passages across the mountains were closed and waves along the coast measured up to 20 meters. The power was down on the island Osteroy for 1 hour as problems in a transformer occurred. have more pictures showing the unruly waves and weather conditions. Ferry transport was also suspended during the heavy weather conditions.


Astro*Cartography of Scandinavia & Northern Europe, New Moon Feb 3. 2011


Quote Jan 27:  But looking to the West Coast of Norway, this is directly on the meridian line of Uranus. This may not offer stability but is rather due to shake things up. Together with a period of heightened seismic activity (and the area may be due for an earthquake in the scale of 5+ on the Richter scale), there may be hazard, and a require need heightened security, in matters of travel, aviation and also helicopter transportation (Uranus in Pisces).
The Astro*Cartography shows how Uranus was lined up on the lower Midheaven of Bergen and the Norwegian West Coast at the time of the New Moon on February 3. 2011, which coincides with when extreme weather conditions moved in. According to astrological traditions, the lower Midheaven, being cusp the 4th house in a conventional chart does in particular describe matters of the Earth and weather conditions. The power-cut at Osteroy and trouble with the transformer is interesting since this matters come under the order of Uranus. All travel connections were put in hazard and special precautions were made as the storm moved past.