Date: April 3. 2011, Last update: April 4. - (c) Andrew Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.
The New Moon of April 3. 2011
Giants topple. Troubles continue to Weigh Heavy on Japan. 
Wear, Waste, Shortage and Contraction puts Authorities in a Fix.


Astro*Cartography Chart for New Moon of April 3. 2011

Planets continue to weigh heavy on the Meridian that runs North and South of Japan. The New Moon in the North puts Saturn in the South. The latter will keep record of the damage and consequences from March 11.'s  tsunami-earthquake and nuclear hazard. Mortality, sickness, weakness and shortage. Wear and tear may still be in the works. Troubles have yet to be addressed as they surface and authorities will have difficulty in keeping face and bearing pain. The leadership in this part of the World has been shown apt to take tragedy on in a personal manner. A large company in the deep as giants are unsteady - and close to topple. Property and finance could weigh heavy on economies. At the moment of writing authorities are considering dumping radioactive water from damaged plants at Fukushima into the sea.




Mars and Uranus are joined in the early degrees of Aries. The planets in the north of Korea are apt to self-igniting. While things on the surface have appeared to be quieter for some time, maybe there will be an example of fireworks.




The World seems so virtually on fire so far in 2011 and the Mars/Uranus line in the West may show heat and action in Saudi Arabia, probably it is wise to monitor current developments in Oman. It will be a job well done to keep things at ease.
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