Date: April 6. 2011;  Last Update April 18. - (c) Andrew Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.
Focus on San Francisco

Tension from Lunar Eclipse in December 2010

Passed on to April 25. trigger. Could action raise Seismic Activity?


Astro*Cartography Chart for Lunar Eclipse of Dec 21. 2010

The Lunar Eclipse from December 21.2010 has proven a trouble maker and indicated the pressure on seismic faults. On the East Coast of Japan, the Eclipse coincided with and exactly indicated the longitude of a 7,4 Richter Earthquake occurring 12 hours after the lunar eclipse. Again this map provided the exact longitude of the devastating 8,8 Richter earthquake that shook Japan on March 11. 2011, with its tsunami and accident at the nuclear power plant of Fukushima. 

But by turning attention to the other side of the world, along the same latitude, it can be seen that the Eclipse is directly South of San Francisco and warns events on the loom of locations falling close to the Meridian.


North America - Lunar Eclipse, December 21. 2011:

The Map for North America shows that the lunar eclipse is directly south of locations as Vancouver and San Francisco. The lines of Jupiter and Uranus that indicated the locations of earthquakes close Japan, are setting in the Western horizon, only a few degrees off the North American coastline. The Lunar Eclipse occurring in the very last degree of the mutable sign Gemini (USA) also suggests that the main plates are movable and something is on the slip.

Conventional chart:
The conventional chart shows how the luminaries are lined up along the Meridian with the Sun in the direct North and the Moon applying to her Southern and descending node in the immediate South.


Full Moon, April 18. 2011 :

The Full Moon of April 18. rises in East in San Francisco. This puts a new focus on celestial tensions.


The tensions from the Lunar eclipse in Dec 2010 are not forgotten but are lay latent to surface when awakened by other triggers. The Full Moon of April 18. 2011 provides such a reminder.
Conventional Map for Full Moon, April 18:
In the chart for the Full Moon April 18. the luminaries are suspended across the horizon of San Francisco. Earthquake potent Uranus forms the tightest aspect to the Upper and Lower Midheaven. The 8,8 Richer hit Earthquake Japan on March 11. 2011. Previous observations suggest that an accompanying earthquake may occur 45 days after the Mother-Earthquake, although when measuring from eclipses it has been seen that 47 days also may be significant. If there were a seismic shadow cast from the 8,8Richter Earthquake on March.11, it could stand a chance of showing up on April 25-27.
Chart for the waning Half-Moon April 25. 2011:
April 25. is a key date. When the chart for the Moon's 3rd quarter is cast for San Francisco the chart does once again show the Sun is setting in the West - proving the luminaries angular to the chart.
Disclaimer: This work does not set out to claim that an Earthquake of a devastating magnitude should happen or ought to happen to San Francisco. However, it does attempt to use astrological methods to try and figure out days where a higher alertness to seismic activity could prove useful to science and Mankind. The cluster of planetary events building up at the present time may offer some means of examining the correlations between celestial motions and events on Earth, in whatever form such action should occur - if any at all. 
Update April 14:
This Plane did not want to go to San Francisco
I've heard people say it many times; that if an earthquake or natural catastrophe was going to happen and they were meant to be there and get caught up in it - it happens. If you are not supposed to be there, then people believe that something else happens, they get called away for the day or there is some intervening event to leads to a change of plans. If this were the case there would be a series of clues leading up an event like an major earthquake. The question is whether we can recognize the clues and whether this is one of them.
On April 4. United Airlines flight 497 from New Orleans to San Francisco returned and performed an emergency landing 20 minutes after take-off due to the loss of all flight instruments (The Times-Picayune). No one was injured during the event, but this is one of those event that makes me stop up and wonder about how things are tied together and whether this almost-accident could be a piece in a collective re-shuffling.
From the perspective of the potential build-up of events that we are monitoring, the interesting fact here is that it occurs on the day of the New Moon, which is 21 days ahead of April 25. when the Moon's 3rd quarter is due. In this chart the Sun, Moon and other planets are rising in the East. The Moon has just passed over the body of retrograde Mercury, so instrument failure was the cause of the aircraft's return.