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'Eclipses Up Ahead', by Andrew J. Bevan

Lunar Eclipse on New Years Eve issues New hazard for Particle Collider?

Actually, the lunar eclipse could indicate some hazard or concern for the LHC project. Look at the chart. Mars, Lord of the Scorpio 4th house, is retrograde and on the ascendant. The fixed star Hamal in the Head of the Ram is 7TA49 and on the Midheaven. According to Ebertin this star is of the combination of Mars/Saturn and represents danger in the material sphere.

Mars retrograde on the ascendant could indicate fire or over-heating. The configuration does not necessitate such a happening - and I am sure that the scientists will be on the alert. Or at least, they should be. In an uncanny way, Mars retrograde on the ascendant may actually indicate something running fast and inflicting a collision, which is the essential nature of the particle collider, but I still think there may be reason to think through the options.