Solar eclipse July 22. 2009.
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The Total Solar Eclipse of July 22. 2009 at 02.36 GMT is a member of the Saros Cycle 11S that was initiated on June 22. 1360 at 06.11 GMT. According to the Chaldean tradition the initial eclipse portrays meanings that will come to surface later into the eclipse cycle that expands over a thousand years. The initial eclipse of 1360 occurred on the day of the Summer Solstice and in the first degree of tropical Cancer. The Solar eclipse of July 22. 2009 is the longest Solar Eclipse of the 21st Century and occurs in the 30th degree of tropical Cancer. Thus, a problem that maybe was cradled almost 650 years ago comes into full bloom with the total solar eclipse of 2009.

The founding eclipse of June 22. 1360 occurred exactly North of Mexico, which is the region where the first case of Swine Flu were registered and which was the first City to close down public offices in an attempt to contain the epidemic.



- Saros Cycle 11S - June 22. 1360, 06.11 GMT -


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The eclipse that initiated the Saros Cycle should be given particular attention. According to Jansky the Solar eclipse of July 22. 2009 belongs to the Saros series 11S, meaning that the initial partical eclipse of this Saros cycle occured at the Moon's South Node. Espenak labels this cycle as Saros 136.

According to Espenak the initiating eclipse occured on June 14. 1360, but as I enter the data into my computor I find myself applying June 22. 1360, time 06.11 GMT. There is a calendar difference here of 8 days [due to the Gregorian calendar].

The initiating eclipse occured on the same day as the Summer Solstice and in the 1st degree of Cancer. That might be taken in comparison with the current eclipse that occurs in the 30th and final degree of the same sign.

The Astro*Cartography chart for the initial eclipse shows the eclipse to be on the upper meridan of Calcutta, Tibet and China. Mars and Pluto are on the descendant of Peking; on the ascendant of Washington. The first outbreak of the Swine flue occured in Mexico. The eclipse is on the lower meridian of this region.



Total Solar Eclipse July 22. 2009, 04.36 CST

- Oslo -


The solar eclipse was not visible in Norway, yet the Sun was rising in Oslo when the eclipse was at it's height.


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