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Astrological observations

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Observations and 'thumb rules'

1) When the New Moon appears in the last degree of any sign, the market will tend to top in the folling month and a correction is at hand. Examples 23/9-87, 22/7-90, 22/9-2006.

2) Eclipses of the Sun and Moon should be given due attention when mapping the larger turning points of the market.

3) When the market is at an extreme and one planet or more is at the end of a sign, then the market will be at the end of its movement and tend to reverse.

4) When important key figures are expected, i.e. from the States, then the Moons applying aspect will often provide an indication of how the market responds to the release of news.

5) Planets in accumulative signs show buyers. Planets in seperative signs show sellers.

6) If the ascendant is about to change sign, this may indicate that the market is on the move and that buyer and seller are about to change opinion.

7) That sign and those planets that are in the South can at a given moment provide a clue to whether the price is high, low or on the change.

8) When the Moon forms no further aspects before changing sign, and is void of course, then the market is often heading astray and the public response or immediate action may be irregular, unexpected or short lived.

9) Asteroides: A small asteroide by the name of 'Toro' was exactly conjunct the Sun on 19/10-87 when the market went into full pannic. 'Icarus' with the Sun on 6/5-87 sent the Norwegian market spinning in a rally far higher than was healthy and sound.