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An Astrological analysis of the Financial Markets -  What on Earth is up?



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It would have been easier to present oneself as a financial analyst specializing into technical analysis and leave it at that. But then astrology? What on Earth has that got to do with the financial markets and isn't that a bit far fetched??
There are a few different approaches, some more specialized than others, but primarily astrology monitors cyclical movements in the Stock market and compares with rhythms found in nature.

Astrological finance analysis uses astronomical cycles, traditional technical analysis and geometrical formula to evaluate strength and weakness in the financial markets - whether such studies are indexes related or stock specific.

By this approach there is less emphasis on the fundamental values because our argument says that changes in the collective psychology strongly contributes to the price fluctations in the market. It is these movements that we attempt to understand and predict. Everything is geometry.


The Moons synodic month can be used to generate key-dates and indicate the peeks and lows of a given market. The diagram shows the Norwegian benchmark index  for the interval 01.01.93 to 01.01.96.

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