The Star of Bethlehem

Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 1987

This hypothetical chart for the Birth of Jesus takes base upon the triple conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces in the year  6 B.C. as the origin to the legendary Star of Bethlehem. The conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn occur every 20 years, but those occasions where the planets meet to form three successive conjunctions in the same passing is rare phenomena. Of even greater scarceness is the occurrence of these phenomena in the sign of Pisces.

Of the three conjunctions the ancient astrologers accounted the 2nd conjunction to be the highest. Al Biruni or Maternus (I have to check my classical literature here – my initial research on this topic was done in 1986), one of them, has a phrase for the opposition that a planet forms to the Sun, calling it “acronyze” or something like that. The birth chart for Jesus is based upon the 2nd and retrograde conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn, and at that point where the applying planets reach the opposition of the Sun. The opposition is at its height and due directly south in the skies for the elected moment of birth. In other words the Star of Bethlehem stood directly above the place where the child was lay at the moment of birth.

The ascendant describes the environment and circumstances of birth. With the ascendant 5 degrees Cancer, the fixed star Praesaepe, “the Crib”, would be located at 9-10 Cancer, just below the horizon. So St. Luke relates in 2:7 that after birth the newborn child was lay in a crib. The Sun in Virgo offers a plausible explanation for the notion of Jesus being born of a virgin. Without disregarding other authorities on this matter, it could simply be referring to his Sun sign. The ruler of the Cancer ascendant, the Moon, is void of course in Taurus in the 11th house. The Moon is exalted in Taurus and could prove him master of his emotions. In the 11th house he goes out to the world at large. The Moon being VOC could prove the person more apt for metaphysical matters, but being put in another fashion – he was born on planet Earth but not of it. The other disposers of Cancer, Jupiter by exaltation and Mars by triplicity, are both dignified in their own signs.



Sun and Pluto (although the latter was not discovered at the time) form a wide configuration with Jupiter, but close enough to remind us of Serapis: “the power that disposed the universe into its present order”. The focal point is Jupiter, the Preserver. Saturn conjunct Jupiter in Pisces brings according to the lore of the time, the manifestion of God on Earth.

Note that when considering the configurations among the planets, Saturn is the greatest enemy of the Sun because they are of opposite powers. Equally, the Moon is in opposition to Mars, who is her greatest enemy. These aspects caused him many opponents among people who found him provocative, and turned the people against him in his hour of judgement, ref. St. Luke 23:20-21.

That people had difficulty in understanding the meaning of Jesus’ words is shown by the position of Mercury. Mercury lacks major aspects, so people had difficulty in making the connection when he spoke (In addition to the guy having Moon VOC). The unaspected Mercury offers Jesus no one to counsel with, but centres him more in the expression of his own mind. However, it not is correct to say he was limited by a personal truth, because Mercury in Libra gives an open mind, allowing him to appreciate and encompass the wisdom of many.

There is one minor aspect to Mercury, a sesquiquadrate with the Moon. This aspect causes stress and tension, and people would have found it slightly irritating when he related to the shortcomings of the personal behaviour and craving for wealth in the material world.

Since Mercury is contained by the Sun and Neptune, Jesus drew his opinions from a strong inner source of light, inspiration and authority, but he expressed himself subtly, through visions and refined thought. He had a way of lifting peoples understanding to see new possibilities and put things in a greater connection. His stories mystified his audience, but quite frequently people sat back confused and it was not until Jesus himself explained the story that they could grasp hold of the meaning of the lesson. Mercury in Libra is expert in parables.

The birth chart lacks planets in the fire element. This does not indicate that Jesus was lacking in spirit, or in his abilities as a leader, on the contrary. When the chart is short of planets in an element it is called a “hidden Grand Trine”. The hidden grand trine shows were there are natural gifts and inborn talents according to the element that is void. Jesus stood out with a natural gift for spiritual leadership, although his experience of the world is that it was lacking in fire. We find this configuration in the chart of Ghandi, too.

Venus conjunct Neptune gives a token of his self-sacrificing love and affection for all people, but which also put him through much trouble and pain to the planets position in Scorpio. Neptune is co-ruler of Pisces on the 10th, and the same is for Venus who has her exaltation in Pisces. The two are joined in the 5th house, as Jesus is to have paid special attention to the children, as indicated in St. Mar 10:13-15; “I tell you the truth: Anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a child will never enter it”.

As indicated by the chart for the Baptism, Jesus was 29 ½ years old when he was baptised. St. Luke 3:23 says he was about the age of 30 when he started his missionary. When directing the ascendant according to the Age Point method, the Age Point reaches 7 ½ degrees Capricorn at the time of the baptism. This is within orb of the conjunction of transiting Neptune at 8-9 Capricorn and in opposition to transiting Uranus at 7 Cancer. Both transits are extremely relevant. Neptune rules holy water, baptism and spiritual enlightenment. Transiting Uranus in Cancer and opposing the Age Point is more likely the role played by an outside part, namely Johannes the Baptist. Uranus is retrograde and after Jesus was baptised, sudden misfortune sought Johannes who was thrown into prison.

The Crucifixion is likely to have occurred in year 33 AD, when there was both a solar and a lunar eclipse at about Easter, but this is the revolutionary implication of this chart because if it is considered to be the birth chart it means that Jesus must have been 38 ½ years at the time, and not 33 years old as commonly thought.

At 38 ½ the Age Point is directed to Venus and Neptune. Neptune is co-ruler of Pisces on the 10th, indicating his mission, fate and the height of his life. Venus, indicating the same by her exaltation. Venus is the significator of Mankind, who according to some spiritual viewpoint is the fallen angle and lives in sin, Venus in Scorpio. Some authors claim that Judas Iscariot was signified by Scorpio. Judas sold Jesus to the high priest for money, St. Luke 22:4-6, another aspect of Venus in Scorpio. Jesus was crucified, to rise on the third day, as transformed to an eagle (like Scorpio). The chart agrees with the Bible on many such points.