- Black Holes in finance -

Real Estate meltdown and the CERN-project

An observation of co-occurring events - A. J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.  Sep 15. 2008 (c)

Financial website Hegnar Online reports - Norwegian

At 09.30 LST on Wednesday, Sept. 9th 2008 the worlds largest particle accellerator, the CERN-project, was started up in Switzerland with the purpose of accellerating protons to extreme speeds and then make them collide to try and reconstruct those powers that were in force at the creation of the universe. Scientists hope to reveal the secrets of what went on in the first moments of creation and how the basic elements of nature came into being, however, some sceptics have feared that the experiment would create a black hole causing unlimited damage and suck us all in.

This occurs as astrologers observe how Saturn, located in tropical Virgo, is working its way out of the combustion of the Sun. In astrology Saturn is the primary significator of matter, real estate and minor particles. Virgo is represents not only the dust and detail of reality, but also the scientific need to study and digest and put things into their correct order. So as Saturn drops out from the hiding of the Sun scientists want to study how everything started as the basic building blocks of reality fell out of creation. Now the scientists may not create a black hole of the destructive order as some fear, whether you subscribe to Jungs' theory of synchronity, the observation of quantum physics - that shows that information gets around the Universe in unusual ways, or the astrologers' notion of a correlation between the movement of celestial objects and events on Earth, you might question what scientists actually are getting up to and whether they could be pressing a 'cosmic doorbell.' If we are to take heed in the warnings of Stephen Hawking, we should probably lie low instead of attracting the undue attention of the cosmos. Not suggesting that Darth Vader is actually out there and can feel the change or tremor in the force, but scientist might not entirely be aware of the effect of the buttons that they presently are pressing.

While scientists might not accidently create or set of a black hole of catastrophic dimensions, they quite apparently appear to be playing at and performing the acts of 'God'. 'God' is an abstraction we don't understand. In conjunction with the upstart of the CERN-Project  there certainly and quite evidently a black hole loose in the global finance markets, the most recent victim to get sucked into eternal darkness being Lehman Brothers. Whether there is a possible synchronity between these events is beyond reason, but while scientists toy with the conjuring of realities bricks and stones, it is quite evident that the current financial crises has its origin in the real estate market.