Predictions on Norwegian Politics

The prediction re. Bondevik taking over as Prime Minister after Jagland was first made public on Jær-Radioen Oct.23.1996, only two days after Gro Harlem Brundtland announced her retirement from her post as Norwegian Prime Minister seat. The prediction was repeated on Radio Hele Norge P4 on Oct.25.1996. These statements were picked up by the Norwegian magazine Norsk Ukeblad in Dec.96, but not put to print before Issue no.7 in Feb.97. The prediction was then reprinted by the daily press, Verdens Gang, one of Norways leading newspapers, on their page 3, Feb.21.1997.


Norsk Ukeblad No.7, Feb.1997


At the time of the prediction, Bondevik's party, The Christian Democrates (KrF), held a mere 6,5% of the votes. Bondevik, according to himself, was on his way out of top politics, and it was not until 3 months later - in Feb of 1997 - that his candidature was recognized by the Left Wing leader (V), Lars Sponheim. In October 1997 Bondevik was to form a coalition Government consisting of 3 parties, with the smallest Parliamentary basis in Norwegain history.

The occasion for passing judgement on this matter was Gro Harlem Brundtland's stepping down as Prime Minister and passing on her office to Torbjørn Jagland, as announced on Oct.21.96. This had been a long term stake on my behalf, as I had long withheld that Norway would vote against joining the EU on their General Election of Nov.28.1994 and that Gro Harlem Brundtland would not complete her period as Norwgian Prime Minister. (Brundtland has her natal Sun in the very last degree of Aries, and even though she first came to office in 1981 she had never sat as PM for an entire 4 year period) Although I held a long term position on this matter, an public statement is found on record on Holmgang, a live debate program held on TV2, May 10.1994. Brundtland's period was due to completion (or renewal, depending on the outfall of the national vote) with the General Election of Sep.97. It was prior to the poor results of this election that Jagland made his ultimatum of a 36,9% support from the people. This did not occur, so Jagland made his place vacent and Bondevik succeeded the Labour Government in the end of Oct.1997.

Now it was on these radio interviews of Oct.23.1996 and Oct.25.1996 the question regarding Gro Harlem Brundtland's future career was posed. My statement on this matter was that she would rize to a position of new prominence in the month of June 1998. This was the month when she commenced her post as General Secretary of the World Health Organization.


Verdens Gang Feb.23.1997


I have not yet given priority to translating this newpaper clipping into English. The context of the text is as explained above. To this VG added a then 10 year old archive photo and as a few words were added to my mouth re. predictions concerning the British and Norwegain Royal Family.

Letter from the Prine Ministers Office Oct.29 1987

Andrew J. Bevan announced Bondevik's candidature to a future Prime Minister seat as early as in 1989!!


Rogalands Avis Aug.25.1989