Recommended Reading

by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.

Classical literature
Christian Astrology - William Lilly 1647
Tetrabiblos - Ptolemy - 2 CenturyAD
The Five Books of Manilius - Manilius - 1 Century BC
The Astrologers Guide (Bonatus & Cardan) - edited by William Lilly 1676
The Morinus System of Horoscope interpretation - Morinus 1661
Key to the Whole Art of Astrology - Henry Coley 1676
Textbook of Astrology - A.J. Pearce
Classical Scientific Astrology - Noonan

Here two marbles are placed on a spanner and display either the Sun and Earth, or two planets, or stars in a binary system.

Reference works
Rulership Book - Bills
Encyclopedia of Astrology - DeVore
Astrological Keywords - M.P.Hall
Combination of Stellar Influences - Ebertin
Planets in Containment - Sandbach/Ballard
The Fixed Stars - Ebertin / Hoffman
Modern literature
The Art of Chart Synthesis - Tracy Marks
Astrological Aspects - Robert Thibodeau
Minor Aspects Between Natal Planets - Donath
Astrology, Psychology & the Four Elements - Steven Arroyo
Textbook to Astrology - M. Hone
Secrets from a Stargazers Notebook - D.Kempton-Smith
Cosmic Loom - Dennis Elwell

Marbles mounted on socket wrenches to represent the Sun and 6 inner Planets. A white Moon is included.

Being a Lunar Type in a Solar World - Cunningham
Saturn - Liz Greene
Chiron - Essense & Application - Z. Stein
Chiron - Nolle
The Continuing Discovery of Chiron - Lantero
Uranus - Townley
The Neptune Effect - Morimando
Healing Pluto Problems - Cunningham
The Astrologers Node Book - Van Toen
The Karma of the Now - Schulman
The 8th house - Robertson
The 12th house - Tracy Marks
Sex, Mind & Habit - Robertson

Not a Sign in the Sky - Robertson
How to Handle Human Relationships - Sargent
Fine Points of Delinations - Rechter
Electional Astrology - Rechter
Astrological Cycles - Townley

The width of the Spanner represents the distance from the Sun to Earth. Mercury and Venus are included as they move between the Sun and Earth.

Interpreting the Eclipses - Jansky
The Element of House Division - Holden
Prostignation & Technique
The Age Point Technique - Andrew J. Bevan (link)
Modern Transits - Rodden
Transits - Robert Hand
The Radix System - Robertson
Life*Time Astrology - A.T.Mann
Literature on Horary
Simplified Horary Astrology - Goldstein-Jacobsen
Horary Astrology Rediscovered - Olivia Barclay
Horary Astrology - Barbara Watters
The Art of Horary Astrology in Practice - Sylvia DeLong