Will the ECB adjust European interest rates on Thursday, Nov.4.1999?
Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.
Yes, they are going up!

The chart is cast for the moment that the announcement is due, 12.45 GMT, Brussels. Location, ie. longitude and latitude is of secondary importance here, for the application of the Moon will primarily show the market response.

In the backbone of the chart, the Sun is applying to his opposition to Saturn, suggesting some depression or contraction. The Sun and Moon are in signs where the two lights reject each other. This I often find to bring corruption to the moment.

The Moon is in the degree of the Autumn equinox, at 0 degrees Libra.

Libra is generally a dangerous sign for the stability of the finance markets. Autumn = Fall.

Moon makes a sextile through signs of long ascension (which converts to a negative) to Mercury, who is making his first station in the sign of his detriment. Stationary Mercury is culiminating. Expect bad news. Interest rates are going up and markets are going down.


This article was first time loaded onto the net on Nov. 2, two days ahead of figures. On Nov. 4 at 12.00 GMT the Bank of England put up the repro rate 0.25%. 45 minutes later at 12.45 GMT, the ECB put interest rates up 0.5%. While rate increase is bad news to the markets, prices continued to edge upwards. FTSE added 173 points in the following 4 trading days. Either increases were anticipated and baked into prices, or the downturn is postphoned due Mercurys station or awaiting its return to Scorpio. I continue to watch this issue, although it is a good example that single factors cannot taken alone.


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