Will the ECB or Bank of England
rise European interest rates on Oct.7 1999?
Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.
No, but nothing will benefit!  

The Bank of England was due to make their announcement at 11.00 GMT, the European Community Bank about 45 minutes later at 11.45 GMT. Basically, the Moon makes the same applications in both charts, and technically they are not much different. Therefore I have just included the first.

The Moon applies to the square of Mars through signs of long ascension, which will convert to the nature of a trine and be beneficial. Expect good news. But Moon and Mars are natural enemies - by reason of their powers, so nothing good will come of it.

The interest rates were left unchanged - but this gave no immediate boost or rally to the market, so from an investors point of view - no good came of it.

Notice that Venus is in the very last degree of Leo and at the end of a rope. A change of policy up ahead.


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