The birth chart of a Child Born in Helicopter at 230 km/h.

Birth time 15.09 LST (14.09 GMT) Febuary 6th 1988, 67N11, 14E20.

from the classic library of Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.


The chart shows a Leo ascendant with its ruler the Sun upon the descendant in the air sign Aquarius. The Sun is on the antiscia of Pluto. The child born under extreme and rather exceptional circumstances, high up in the air. The Midheaven, which also signifies the event, is in the 3rd degree of Aries, with its ruler, Mars, in Sagittarius in the 5th house. Mars is the planet of fiery action, the 5th house signifies children and Sagittarius is represented by an arrow flying swiftly through the air, hence - the Flying Baby.

The Moon in Virgo has lately passed the IC and moving from her conjunction with her south node, which would have put both the mother and child in a stick. The Moon is in an exact semi-square to Pluto, who intercepted in the 4th house, so the mother is certainly stuck in the wrong place. However, the Moon applies to the square of Saturn / Uranus through signs of long ascension. Saturn and Uranus are joined in the very last degree, or resort, of Sagittarius. The tense square through the signs of long ascension has the ability to convert to a trine in result. So help is at hand, although by unorthodox means (Saturn/Uranus) and the child is delivered.

Venus, the star of existance, moves to the degree of her exaltation and is conjunct the Part of Fortune.

(c) 1988 - Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.
Note: This chart is calculated for a birth occuring just north of the Arctic Circle at 66N33
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