Posted; Sep.8 2011 - (c) Andrew Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.

Hurricane Spotting

Hurricane Irene swept in over the US East coast in the 2nd half of August, flooding areas from North Carolina and up to New York. By the time it reached New York on August 28th it had been downgraded from a category 3 major hurricane to a tropical storm. Not without causing damages in the region of USD 10-15 billion to the US. The storm was formed on August 20th and dissipated on August 28th. 
Wikipedia: Hurricane Irene, August 24
On a cosmological level , Irene coincided with the 2nd station of Mercury on August 26. where the planet turned from retrograde to direct motion. This occurred in the 19th degree of Leo, a degree that has appeared significant in several large recent earthquakes; Chile, Feb 27. 2010, China April 14. 2010, Japan March 11. 2011, but with Mercury it is the winds that take the central scene and when Mercury is stationary the tendency is either that everything is at a standstill, or you get everything at once.

Wikipedia: Irene hits North Carolina
Irene moved in over the US East coast as the Moon also entered Leo on on August 26 and applied to the conjunction with stationary Mercury in the late hours of August 27. Mercury was dispositor of the Moon's South Node, the Dragon's Tail, in Gemini, offering an explaination to the turmoil and unrest. At the same time Jupiter was due to perform a station in the 11th degree of Taurus on August 30th and the two planets were joined by antiscia (equal distance from the solstice) and caused what is termed as an 'Opening of Gates'. An 'Opening of Gates' is a condition that occurs when two planetary opposites join in a powerful configuration, and is by classical authorities like Al Birumi, William Lilly or Henry Coley, associated with a powerful turn in the winds or weather.
Hurricane Gilbert
In comparison there was a category 5 sized hurricane by the name of 'Gilbert' that ran from September 3. until September 19. 2005. This seems to have been driven by the stationary positions of two other planets, namely Saturn on August 30. and Uranus on September 5. The midpoint of these two stations occured in the 26th degree of Sagittarius, which is conjunct the Galactic Centre. At the same time, on September 3 - the very day Gilbert was formed, there was a trine aspect between the planetary opposites Mercury at 6 Libra and Jupiter at 6 Gemini. The trine is a harminous aspect, but it is important to consider its force since Mercury is the dispositor of the detrimented Jupiter. Mercury also disposes the Moon's South node in, not Gemini this time, but Virgo.
Hurricane Alert - a hurricane in the making?
By comparing these two large scale hurricanes, there could be an argument to examine whether storms of this dimension coincide with the occurance of a stationary stirr of planetary objects, together with maybe a condition that relates to an 'Opening of Gates'. Certain degrees of the tropical zodial, i.e 19 Aries and 19 Leo, seem to be reappearing in significant large scale phenomena of a 'Royal' order.
On September 16. 2011 there will be the station of planet Pluto in 4 Capricorn, which by antiscia is joined to the Galactic Centre. At the same time Mars will reach the degree of his fall at 28 Cancer and be inconjunct the planet Neptune. the inconjunct aspect also seems to be present in other charts as causing an off-balance circumstance. On September 14, which is only two days before, Mercury will come to a trine with Jupiter. This trine is centered on the midpoint of Mars in Cancer and the Moon's south node in Gemini and due to cause a turmoil. The Moon will be passing through Aries and opposing the planet Saturn in Libra, the sign of the Balance. Separating from her opposition to Saturn, she will move to the 19th degree of Aries and cast her antiscia to Mercury in 10 Virgo.
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