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Indonesian Earthquake warned.
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first on Radio P4, Dec.7.2003  

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Radio P4 (Norwegian), Hegnar Online (Norwegian)



The map shows how Indonesia was pinpointed as a high risk zone for an earthquake of catastrophal dimensions by the solar eclipse of Nov.23.2003. This  is indicated by the location of Uranus in the exact north of Indonesia at the height of the eclipse. Further, it is known that Indonesia is a seismological unstable area. This was the basis for the warning issued first time on Radio P4 as early as Dec.7.2003.

Solar eclipses coincide with an increased danger or likelihood of a specific event together with a general disturbance and background distortion for a period before and after the actual eclipse. Eclipses soar like mountains in the landscape of time and space, and will often throw a shaddow of effects either ahead or backwards through time according to the structure of the eclipse in question. An eclipse will often produce specific effects 47-49 days after its actual occurance, which produces some initial critical dates as I pointed out on my interviews for P4. In 1988-90 I had shown how earthquakes could move in geometric, or rather chronological, patterns of 45 days. This resulted in the acheivement of several accurate earthquake warnings, as are documented on my website. The explaination to the Sumatra-earthquake occuring on Dec.26.2004 is that the key-planet from the solar eclipse, Uranus, was stationary on Nov.11.2004. The Solar eclipse and the Uranus station are interlocked by a fibonacci-year, which is defined by 12 synodic lunar months, or rather the two events being 354 days apart. The Sumatra-quake occurs 45 days after the Uranus' station. To simplify: There are four points involved -A, B, C and D. A is the date of the solar eclipse. B is the first date of peak earthquake risk. C is the Uranus station. The distance from A to B is equal fraom C to D. D is the date of the disasterous quake hitting Sumatra.

According to these mathematics there is a new critical date on Feb.9.2005, and while the catastrophy of Indonesia is not likely to be repeated, there is risk of a similar topic. The UK may have cause to alert. Locally, Norwegian interests are likely to be involved and there could be a natural catastrophy, a blow-out on Norwegian sector, or maybe it will coincide with the breaking up of the wreckage of Blücher, the German World War 2 Warship which contains much oil and lies in the depths of the Oslo-fjord. The next sensitive dates are March 26., May 10. and June 24. 2005


Commentary May 16. : Sumatra suffered yet another major Earthquake on March 28 the measured 8,7 on the Richters scale. This is only 2 days later than the predicted keydate. On May 14. the area was hit by yet a major Earthquake that this time measured 6,9 Richter. This is 4 days later than the keydate of May 10. If we assume a progressive delay the keydate of June 24. may show its effects on either June 30. or July 2.


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