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 - Cyclical movements
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The Human Race moves through time and space. From an astrological perspective it is our opinion that time does not move in a simple and singular line but things repeat themselves periodically and moves in cycles. Just like nature and history teaches us.
If you are going to invest money in the stock market and your plan is to earn money, it could be wise to first get an overview of where the market is located in a long term price perspective. The company and stock of your selection might have a magnificent business concept but the stock could already have experienced a significant price increase and be closer to a top than a bottom. Or that international stock markets are ready for a correction, bringing individual stocks down by the simple cause of money being taken off the table.
The purpose of studying time and space is therefore to get an overview of where the market is located in a wider economical cycle. If you understand the 'Big Picture' and movements that endure over several years, then you will have a better understanding of where you are located in the market, providing a better predisposition to succeed in the short term.
When you are going to put money at stake in the stock market you should prepare yourself as well as possible, as to  know the nature of your business. To observe the rhythms of nature and natural cycles, particularly that which describes the collective psychology that drives the flock of sheep, is one of those factors that will make you ready for a successful trade.

- Summary -

We can observe the rhythms of nature, calculate key-dates
and chart the market structure, with purpose of achieving
entry and exit in the correct end of a movement.
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