The Birthchart of the Explorer
by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol (c) 2005
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The Birth Chart of BÝrge Ousland
BÝrge Ousland was born at 06.50 LST (04.50 GMT), on May 31. 1962, Oslo. The birthchart bears the token of an explorer through a collection of several outstanding features. The natal Sun in the12th house, indicating his attraction to questions larger than life and places remote to the general public. Jupiter and Chiron are in conjunction in Pisces and elevated in the 10th house. Jupiter is the adventurer and explorer, strong in his own domicile, joined with the wandering Chiron who is apt to open the doors in the direction of new and undiscovered worlds. The Midheaven is in the last degree of Aquarius and BÝrge said regarding his expeditions that travelling solo and without support to the North Pole and then across Antarctica were the two last big remaining challenges that lay open for Mankind in his biological conquest over nature.
The Ascendant is in the exaltation degree of Jupiter, which argues the fortitude granted by Jupiters strength and dignity in the 10th house. The Lady of the Ascendant, the Moon, is in the sign of her exaltation, the very down to earth and terrestrial Taurus, in the fortunate 11th house. Notice the application of the Moon to the dexter square of Saturn through signs of long ascension. The square to Saturn shows an issue that Ousland feels compelled to conquer. I would suggest it reflected a crucial fight for survival that he experienced during an early stage of gestation, i.e. Saturn in the 9th house (Life*Time Astrology by Tad Mann,). He reconstructs this fight for survival for the purpose of combating the threat of rejection and thus restoring a vital sense of acceptance The dexter aspect shows him to set about his quest with such sense of purpose, deliberation and determination. The square through signs of long ascension lifts him from the extreme remoteness that initially separates him from a sense of completeness, and to accomplishment. The success of his expeditions are fortified by the dignities of the Moon and also Saturn, who is in his own sign on the cusp of the 9th indicating not only long distant travel and the higher mind but also the need to attain the proof, documentation and first hand knowledge through direct experience.
Ousland is in his 32nd year when he sets out on his solo trip to the North Pole and his Age Point would be in the sign of polar and icy Capricorn. It is his way of fighting out the quest represented by Saturn on the cusp of the 9th house. As he moves towards completion of his expedition across Antarctica his Age point is in Sagittarius and comes to the square of dispositor Jupiter in his own sign, intercepted in the 10th - he completes his mission and succeeds in reaching his life achievement.

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