Will my Husbands expedition across the Antarctic
 be successful?
by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol (c) 1995
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This question was asked by BÝrge Ouslands wife, Wenche. BÝrge had already departed on his venture across the Antarctic but Wenche had had a bad feeling all along. Many things had gone wrong with the project prior to BÝrge even setting on his skies on the Antarctic ice. Everyone involved knew that Ousland was a good judgement of risk and no hardy fool, however, if was natural for Wenche to be concerned regarding her husbands safety. The chart is cast for the moment of her question, which was posed at 13.34 LST or 11.34 GMT, on Sep.18. 1995 in Oslo, and the outlook was not good.
The question is posed on the day of the Moon and in the hour Mercury. Mercury corrupts the Moon, as the two do not agree by nature. Mercury is slow of motion and approaches his first station and is in the degree of the fall of the Sun. There is no relationship between the lord of the hour and the radical ascendant, or its lord, who is Mars. Something is out of tune and not working properly.
The querent, Wenche, is represented by the Ascendant and it's lord, Mars, but because the party enquired about is her husband then judgement is passed according to the sign on 7th house, the house of partnerships, which is Taurus, and according to the state of the lady of this sign, Venus. Firstly, I observed that the fixed star Algol was on the Ascendant of the turned judgement chart and took this to be a warning of ill. Algol shows someone who is likely to loose their head or be incapacitated by circumstances. Secondly, I observed that the opposition of Pluto might represent a threat to the quesitives Ascendant.
Venus was angular and dignified in her own sign and terms, but the came from the body of unanticipated inconveniences, who is Chiron, and she did apply to a sinister sextile with the ruler of the 8th of the judgement chart, who is Jupiter. I took it to be a beneficial token that the accidental malefic was the greater fortune Jupiter and that he was dignified and in his own sign.  However, there was the danger with the sextile through signs of long ascension that the quesitive should show overestimate the situation and that could have dire consequence. The moderating factors here being that the significators involved, although in suspicion of bringing about misfortune, were in fact the fortunes, dignified and angular. I passed my judgement to the querent and informed of the moderators, however I thought that BÝrge should take the uttermost caution in regard to the continuance of the expedition. 
Wenche had the means of reaching her husband and conveying a message to BÝrge through a person who was in daily radiocontact with the explorer. But I believe we concluded that we could rely upon the sound judgement and experience of the BÝrge Ousland himself. 
The outfall of this expedition was that it was aborted after Ousland had passed the South Pole, due to injuries inflicted due frostbite and extreme cold. It occurred to me that the influence of Saturn must have a hold on this chart, which is represented by the powers of Algol, which are heavily Saturnian, on the Ascendant of the turned chart. Also Mercury is in the fall of the Sun and will make his station within the exaltation degree of Saturn, so that the lord of the hour by signification is both cool and brought to halt in a state of destruction. But the matter ended well and by reaching the South Pole BÝrge Ousland became the first man in the World to reach both Poles single-handed and without receiving support or the addition of provisions. The end.

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