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- Some of my Philosophies -
Astrology - is the science of time and space.
The Astrological Chart - shows where we are in time and space at any given time and is thus a Map of the larger Environment. Mankind once sprung out of the basic rhythms of Nature, so accordingly Nature tells something about the Nature of Man. Developments within the birth chart often indicate changes in our local environment and relationships. Environment is an extension of the self, so remember: What you do to others, you actually do to yourself.
The Birth Moment - sums up those influences that lead up to birth; whether prenatal, parental or external/environmental. This is the basis of the psychological structure as shown in the nativity. Further more, it is this pattern that is spread out through time and space, and that the individual encounters through the numerous issues that must be dealt with while following the path of life. At specific points in time the native meets the inner self through specific events or through the choice of issues like spouse, career, etc. This is what is described by the birth chart.
Metaphysics - concerns the Mystery of life and Geometry of Creation.
Our World and Beyond - The two luminaries and the five traditional visual planets set the framework of the natural world and the biological boundaries of our reality as we see it. There is the Sun, Moon and the five sensible planets; the Spirit, Soul and 5 senses of the Physical (Maya). The Spirit is perfect and unmoved. The Soul is semi-perfect, the pulsing vehicle (carrier) of the Spirit, which is in a phase and journey of exchange and growth from one lifetime to the next. The physical is the sensible, but separated from the perfect and semi-perfect, and is thus merely an illusion. The outer invisible planets signify invisible worlds, foreign cultures and worlds beyond the tangible, existences and extensions beyond our biological framework. Powers of the Gods. Modern technology, medicine and the like.
"Life is like a bookcase". Some times books are moved from one shelf to another. Although the books move beyond our framework of reference this does not mean they cease to exist. Death is to Man like an occupational crisis that bears emotional shock or mourning with performance. We need to develop detachment, vision and move more freely. The Spirit (Sun) is unmoved. The Soul (Moon) moves along a longer journey from one life to the next (note the Moon's close ancient association with the sign of Sagittarius). "
There is a part of Man which is of God and which comes from beyond time and space.
"That what was, is and will always be." Even if the pieces (Pisces) don't fit this time round and are put at square, there is still that inner bond, so let go and hide whatever in your heart. "See with your Heart and not just with your Eyes. That which has been seen by the Heart will be well kept."
Serapis = One Sun, One Jupiter & Pluto, which is Creator, Preserver, Destroyer - the Power that has disposed the Universe into it's present beautiful order.
"Things that go around, come around. Everything moves in circles. - Things I sought, but could not find. Things I found, but could not bind. Things I bound, but could not free. And many of those things I set free returned to me." 
- Annomynous

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