Trine through Signs of Short Ascension
 trigger aviation tradegy

The "Torghatten" Plane Crash

from the classic library of Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 1988


Every time someone looks at a trine through signs of short ascension and gives it a favourable interpretation, I think of the aircraft tragedy at "Torghatten". At 18.25 GMT on May 6.1988, a Wideroe plane of the type "Dash 7", performing a domestic flight between Fronheim and Bronnoysund in Norway, crashed into the mountain "Torghatten" 65N22 12E05, killing all 36 passengers and crew on board. "Torghatten", which means "The Market Place Hat" is a 271 m high mountain on the coastline island "Torget" (The Market Place), which is only a few minutes flying south of Bronnoysund. Airpilots do not characterize the southern approach to Bronnoysund airport as particularly difficult of dangerous. But while aircrafts are supposed to bypass "Torghatten" on the east side, somehow the Dash 7 came off course and ran into the mountain from south-west. The area was covered by fog and visibility poor, however the official report states that instruments on board the aircraft appear to have been functioning and it is a mystery that the tragedy occurred.



The Aeroplane is signified by the Ascendant and the Moon. Those who travel in the plane are signified by the ruler of the Ascendant, Mars. Mars is in the air sign Aquarius, both symbolizing the collective group of people and their location in an aircraft. The Moon is in Capricorn, which is the sign most likely to represent the mountain, "Torghatten". Earth signs are south, while air signs are west. The aeroplane came in from the south and collided with the mountain on the west side. The last planet the Moon passed over was retrograde Neptune, either signifying the fog or the time the aircraft was misguided and came out of course.

The event is triggered by the exact trine from the Moon in Capricorn to the Sun in Taurus through signs of short ascension. The trine through signs of short ascension acts like a square, and the damage is increased by the fact that the Moon is in her fall. The next planet for the Moon to pass over is Mars, and although he is the ruler of the Ascendant, he is also the natural significator of accidents. Mars is joined to Pluto their antiscia degrees. Pluto is retrograde in the first house.

The Sun applies to a dexter square with Mars. The aspect occurs though signs of short ascension, but brings out no protection since the planets are in signs that the other will reject. The Sun abhors Aquarius, while Mars is detrimented in Taurus. This is a condition I call a "rejection" and annuls any beneficial co-operation between the planets.

The mountain "Torghatten" is famous for its hat-like shape and a 160 m rectangular hole that goes straight through the middle of the hat. According to legend the hole was formed when the Horseman (Sagittarius) shot an arrow after Lekamoya (possibly Aquarius) who had let him down in love and attempted to escape. When the King in "Somnafjellet" (the name of a mountain) saw this, he hurried to cast his hat in between (Capricorn!) The arrow pierced the hat and that is how the hole was formed. Unfortunately, today "Torghatten" is best remembered for the great tragedy brought upon the small community of Bronnoysund.

And every time someone looks at a trine through signs of short ascension and gives it a favourable interpretation, I think of the aircraft tragedy at "Torghatten". With due respect to anyone who suffers a loss in such a devastating event.

Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.