An Interpretation of the Triplicities 

in Traditional Astrology

-  Andrew Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol., © 2013,


The Planets by triplicity - stabilise things and make matters more permanent.

A planet in his own triplicity represents a person of a certain repute and standing in the world that may provide required support, resources or funding. It is like a circle of friends. A person has alliances and a network behind him. ‘Bank’manager, sponsor or supportor; a coordinator. People of a mutual binding or ‘family’ interest. Like a part-holder, investor or shareholder. Positive interests. A planet that is dignified and prominent in the chart, being the Lord of a triplicity, but not necessarily in his own triplicity – will still signify a source of resources shared, divided throughout the triplicity and made available in those areas of the chart. If a planet is particularly well located, in triplicity or elsewise dignified, then there may be dividends, rewards or royalties.

Fire by Day

The Sun offers great opportunity to fire during day. Most magnificently to Leo (own sign) and to Aries (exalted); aggressively, assertively, with decoration. In double portions. Self-sustaining. Sagittarius with gesture. Strength, respect, reference, recommendation, generous, positive, favoured, forwarded, promoted. If the Sun is debilitated, the triplicity is regulated and not sponsored in the same manner. Fewer references, fewer recommendations, less funds. With disregard and disagreement.

Fire by Night

Jupiter offers more to Sagittarius (own sign), in terms of opportunity, favour, esteem. Protected by the Church or Scholars. To Aries and Leo, benevolence, guards – a protector, guardian, benefactor or patron. If delibated, then terms are poor, unreliable, speculative, lofty. Someone has needs of his own.

Earth by Day

Venus offers benevolence and reward to Taurus (own sign); but in Capricorn may have preferences to formality, brand and etiquette (trade marks).Venus in Virgo provides resources but may be particular on code, ethics, quality and terms. With Venus in Earth there may be business interest, ownership or some sort of monopoly involved.  If Venus is poor, then materials are weaker and mean, or unavailable.

Earth by Night

The Moon offers Taurus (exalted) great preference and competable terms. Great opportunity. Resourcefulness. A great provider and benefactor. Virgo is quality and health oriented, but because the Moon is corurpted by Mercury there will be controversy and worry regarding specifics and requirements. With the Moon in Capricorn (detriment ) – there are breaks on and considerations to be made. Something is held back and belongs to the company. We have bought you, we own  you, you are ours. You cannot to as you please. You are expected to perform an deliver according to contract. If the Moon is strong, then resourses are good, if the Moon is weak then with delay or of a mean fashion, with defects or expectations, or a catch. The Moon in Capricorn often has a difficulty with performance, some sort of personal defect or depression, but with the Moon in her own triplicity she will provide to Capricorn and when then located in that sign and dignified, there is a better chance of sorting things out.

Air by Day

Saturn offers equipment, great standards and prestige to Libra (exalted) and Aquarius (own sign). In Gemini – authority stands behind you. If Saturn is weak – nothing is for free. Things are unwillingly provided, stolen or leased. People of a lower class, lower means, the outcasts, or falling apart.

Air by Night

Mercury offers great readiness, aptness and availability in Gemini (own sign). Useful, with interest and participation. Libra and Aquarius through relations, companions of art and associations. If Mercury is poor, then inconsitancy – in worst case with trouble.

Water by Day or Night

Mars rules the triplicity of Water by both Day and Night, which goes to prove that the condition of the triplicity ruler by essential and accidental dignities is crucial and important. If this were not the case, then there would no alterations and no 'on' or 'off' buttons in regard to the water triplicity and no static changes in the course of the day. However, we do also know that Mars is a nocturnal planet, which means that his tempers and passions are moderated during the night. He is more evil, accident prone, unreliable and dishonest during day. Mars, if angular and strong, then the resources play an important role and available in those areas occupied by the water signs. Scorpio (own sign) is most powerful, potent, exercutive and to the point, Pisces has a Call and is on a Mission. Pisces is versatile, fruitful, multiple, empathic, impressional and acts through art and medicine.. Cancer (fall) is protective, defensive but with Mars in this sign will carry an infection. Cancer is family, in worst case a mafia. With Mars in Water, Mars feels passionate about things.