US Employment Figures, March 3. 2000
Better or worse than expected?
Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.
Better than expected!

The chart is cast for the release of the figures at 13.30 GMT on March 3.2000.

The market breathed in relief as the Febuary employment report showed inflation under control, calming fears that the Fed may agressively raise rates. The pace of job creation in the booming US economy slowed drastically in February and the employment rate rose slightly.

The Moon is in a tight application to the square of Saturn through signs of short ascension which converts to a sextile. So dampening news (slow down of job creation) is given a positive interpretation. The Moon and Saturn are also in mutual reception, which adds strength and dignity to the configuration. Some consideration may be given to the fact that Saturn is ruler of the 10th house, dispositor of the Moon and located in the 1st house in sign with Jupiter. Both Luna and Saturn are in sign with the fortunes.

Markets world wide rallied. At its intraday high the Dow rallied 2,7%!!


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