US Payroll figures Dec. 3. 1999, Time 13.30 GMT.
Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.
Culiminating Moon applies to the opposition of benefic Jupiter, and the conjunction of her dispositor, Venus, who is in her own sign in the 10th. Non farm payrolls rose 234,000 slightly ahead of expectations but slightly ahead of expectations However, the jobless rate remained static at 4,1% in line with forecasts.

As the applications to the fortunes suggest, particularly with Lunar dispositor, Venus, strong in own sign, the markets applauded the figures and a 1% jump was instant to European markets.



Tjenesten har kun til hensikt å veillede publikum, diskutere historikk og tilby oversikt over tekniske markedsfaktorer. og leverandør fraskriver seg ethvert ansvar.