Fed meeting Aug.8. 2006 -Will the Fed pause?
Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.
Yes!  There will be a pause, but more turmoil up ahead.

After 17 consecuetive rate hikes investors were looking for Fed. to pause at 18.15GMT Aug.8.2006. This is just what happened, but with Bernanke stating that "Some inflation risks remain".

The Moon applies to the conjunction of Chiron, showing the breaking of the chain of intrest rate hikes. But Chiron is only a a temporary pause. There is more turmoil ahead for sure as the Moon moves into a T-square,  first by a hard square to Jupiter from Aquarius to Scorpio. Then the Moon will oppose Saturn before the opposition of the Sun. Within 2 degrees of the opposition of the Sun may show destruction to any thing, so there is trouble up ahead.


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