CPI figures June 14. 2006 -Will the market continue its fall?
Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.
No.  The markets expectations lie the wrong way.

Markets had been heading lower since their highs in the period from March to May 2006. Fears were that the CPI figures of June 14. would send markets into crash-modus or a new spiral down. But no - the Moon is Void of Course in the last degree of Capricorn which shows the that a movement is coming to an end, or the expectations of the masses lie in the wrong direction.

And that is just what happened. The CPI figures were interpreted contrary to fears and reason in a way that few could explain. "Everyone" was expecting the dip to continue. However, futurees reponded positively and after the opening a significant bottom over several months was set and market found legs to stand on.


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