CPI figures September 15. 2006 - in line with expectations
Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.
Consumer Price Index came in as expected

This chart is particularly interesting in the way it describes figures that are favourably received by the market but as the trading day passes the market opens on its high and closes at its low.

The Consumer Price Index was largely in line with expectations. The breifing forcast a growth of 0,3% for the month of August, however the market expected a growth of 0,2%. The actual figures showed a growth of 0,2% and in line with expectations. In the chart the Moon makes a sextile though signs of long ascension to Venus in Virgo.



Now, Venus more than any other planet may be said to be the natural significator of the consumer. Located in her fall in Virgo she is basically in a poor position, but then we notice that she is both in her own terms and triplicity. Her minor essential dignities in  the sign of her fall shows that she still is credible, in power and in operation. Much to the markets pleasure and relief. No unexpected surprises. The consumer is still showing her presence. The market gaps up from start, the Dow Jones rose about 0,6% and made and early session high at 11613.

However, the Moon casts its sinister sextile to Venus from Cancer to Virgo though signs of long ascension. The sinister aspect shows a risk and a gamble where the good may not last. The sextile through signs of long ascension often convert to a square in effect. So the sinister sextile through signs of long ascension is a double warning of things getting ahead of themselves.

And this is exactly how the aspect worked out. After the opening rally, the safety and optimism provided by the beneign CPI figures collapses and markets loose their highs to close at their lows.


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