US CPI figures Oct. 19.1999 - good or bad?
Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.
Better than expected! 

The finance markets were expected to crash on poor CPI figures, which were due to be either 'bad' or 'worse'. The Moon applies to the trine of the Sun, and moves towards the body of Jupiter. The figures were as expected, bad, but not worse - so the markets took a positive response, reversed and rallied.

As one broker said, it was a mere psychological reaction. The news was bad, but the selling had already taken place. This offers a good example of collective psychology being one of the ruling forces on the finance market. Hence, this also offers a case for why astrology can be so useful.


Tjenesten har kun til hensikt å veillede publikum, diskutere historikk og tilby oversikt over tekniske markedsfaktorer. og leverandør fraskriver seg ethvert ansvar.