Notes on Vindemiatrax from Chart of Norway, Andrew J. Bevan 1982

The second major catastrophe was the capsizing if the Alexander Kielland platform on March 27. 1980. The day before Neptune had turned retrograde and was closely squared in the sky by Saturn. The first signs of trouble were recorded at 18.20 GMT, approx. 60N, 2E. This gives Asc 8 Libra and MC 12 Cancer, which means that the radix degree of Neptune had just culiminated and was now at square with the ascendant. On the Ascendant is the fixed star Vindemiatrix, the star of widdowhood, or indicating fatality in a meeting or partnership. This degree symbolises "A Table that looses a Leg". That is exactly what happened with the Alexander Kielland. However, on the subject of fatal meetings and relationships, a partnership should have four legs to be correctly balanced. This degree, 9 Libra or the opposite at 9 Aries, appears in prominent earthquake charts - where there are catastrophic energy releases due to continents that have been in collision and pressing up against each other. I could write more extensively on this subject, but will close by mentioning that 9 Libra was culiminating at the time Titanic, which collided with an ice-berg, went under.