in FOOTBALL 1986?

From the classic library of Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.


After the many parades and marches of Norway's National Day on May 17th, I found myself at rest listening in on a conversation regarding the World Cup in Football. The observation of this conversation caused me to realise the moment of a horary question. "Who will win the World Cup?" The chart is cast for 14.50 GMT, May 17. 1986, Oslo 59N55 10E45.

The querent, myself, is signified by the Ascendant and it's ruler Venus. Venus is in Gemini in the 9th house. After watching the many long marches of the national day (Gemini 9th), I am at rest (Venus) at a table (Asc. Libra), listening to two young men conversing regarding the tournament potential of various foreign countries (Gemini 9th).

Jupiter, who is lord of the hour, has the same powers as the sign on the ascendant, viz. warm and moist, hence the chart is radical and fit to be judged.


The competition is shown by the 5th house, represented by Aquarius, and it's lord Saturn, who is in the sign of Sagittarius. As a sporting tournament (ruler of the 5th in Sag.), the World Cup in Football is a major event that reaches out to the world at large (Aqu. 5th + Moon 11th). All the primary significators (Asc. 5th, Saturn, Moon) are in humane signs so football may be defined as a team game (Aqu.5th, Moon 11th) enjoyed by humans, in which a leather ball (Saturn) is kicked (Sagittarius) about a field. The game follows certain rules that are supervised by a referee, traditionally associated with the colour black (Saturn). The championship is held in Mexico, signified by Capricorn on cusp of the fourth.

To decide the winner of the tournament we need to make an evaluation of the planets essential dignities. Saturn, who is ruler of the 5th, is (as Olivia Barclay pointed out) peregrine, retrograde, cadent and in no position to win. In fact, I find that competition charts may often be judged by the ascendant. Jupiter, who is lord of the hour, has the greatest collection of dignities through both sign and face, and casts his antiscia to the ascendant. The winner is therefore shown by the Libra ascendant. Argentina is ruled by Libra and they won!

The reason that competitions may be taken from the ascendant is because it is a point that shares the same qualities as the exaltation. Lilly says that when judging matters of combat or competition a planet in it's exaltation is preferred to a planet in it's own sign. A planet in its exaltation is as in its highest ascendant. To give evidence to my reasoning, when studying the discovery charts of the outer planets, I found that the sign of co-rulership was on the meridian axis and on the IC, with exception of Uranus who is upside down, thus provided an Aquarius MC. The signs allotted their co-exaltation were always on the ascendant.

Andrew J. Bevan (c) 1986