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Italy, Etna - Set for a Shake-up?

(c) 2007 - Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol., Feb 14.2007


Italy or Etna seems set for an increase in seismic activity or a political uproar. Italy and Etna is as known a potential active seismic area.

Check also the Solar Eclipse of April 8. 2005 that coincided with the death of the Pope. http://www.astronor.com/Italy1.htm

For work on earthquake predictions go to: http://www.astronor.com/predicting_earthquakes.htm or http://www.astronor.com/jordskjelv99.htm 

Another article of interest is obviously the prection of the Tsunami-quake: http://www.astronor.com/indonesia2.htm


Press reports/ Breaking news:

Reuters, Feb 21: Italian president accepts Prodi's resignation
BBC News, Feb 27: Volcanic Italian island on alert
Reuters, Feb 28: Residents of erupting Stromboli told to avoid coast
AFP, March 2:  Italian crisis over, for now, as Prodi wins second confidence vote
Yahoo News, March 16: Italian volcano off Sicily erupts


Astro*Cartography chart, Lunar Eclipse of March 3. 2007.


Other documented predictions:
1989, Jan 23: The largest earthquake in Norway for 50 years
1989, Oct 17: San Francisco quake
1990, Jun 20: Iran earthquake
1992, Jan 02: Etna eruption
1999, Sep 28: Etna eruption - Italy in danger zone
2004, Dec 26: Tsunami quake