- Super Channel Norway -

by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 2009

The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporations launches New Channel
The Norwegian Broadcasting Company NRK started a new television channel on 1. December 2007 called 'Super'. This is their new children's channel with programs entirely for children. The channel went on air 10.00 LMT (09.00GMT), Oslo. Asc 19SG22, MC 7SC57. Moon is 659 Virgo conjunct Saturn 816 Virgo(!!) intercepted in the 8th, with dispositor Mercury 2948 Scorpio, Void of Course and entering detriment!!
Giving priority to a Children's Channel is going to be a popular supplement to the present selection of channels, I am sure. There is Venus at 2508 Libra with Spica and in the 9th house applying by sextile aspect to Jupiter in the 1st house at 2603 Sagittarius. But is the alignment between Moon/Saturn totally child friendly and doesn't that look like financial troubles?

The frequency is split into two with NRK Super broadcasting during day and NRK 3 by night. The channels switch over at regular times and do NOT follow the rising and setting of the Sun!


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