Aaslaug Haga - Politicial leader SP


Posted Feb. 2003: 

Aaslaug Haga is the new leader to be for the political party "Senterpartiet". (Farmers, Centre Party). She takes over after Odd Roger Enoksen. The party is in a poor state at the time, but this change of leadership is likely to prove fortunate for the party. Haga is presently in Feb.2003 age 42 1/2 and has had a comet career within politics. She was a member of the local council board of Aas district from 1995 to 1997. Then she was age 35 and her Solar Age Point entered Pisces, ruled by the dignified Jupiter. She was secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs from 1997-99 (There's Pisces for you!!) And secretary to the Prime Ministers Office in 1999. At the age 39 1/2 her Solar Age Point entered Aquarius. The traditional ruler of Aquarius, Saturn, is dignified in his own sign in the 3rd house. In 1999-2000, age 40, she was Minister for the Department of Culture. The Age Point will progress through the signs of the Superior planets Saturn and Jupiter, who are in their own signs, until Haga reaces 54 1/2 years of age. She will enjoy a position in a future government - a coalition to be formed together with socialist parties Arbeiderpartiet and Sosialistisk Venstre.

When Haga reaches 54 1/2 years and the age point enters Scorpio she will be jeopardized. There will be a reshuffling of posts, but she will be out, safe and home before hell breaks loose. This is shown by the detrimented and combust Mars, void of course in the last minutes of Libra. Neptune and Mercury are in the sign of Scorpio.