THE AGE POINT SYSTEM - Part 2        copyright,  Andrew J.Bevan, 2000 


Getting to the Point

In the Age Point System the birth diagram is simply held up front and compared with a conventional clock. The clock dial has 12 hours, just like the zodiac shows 12 signs. However, on the clock one revolution round the dial equals a chronical hour, which consists of 60 minutes in time. In the Age Point System the 60-minute dial is converted to 60 years of age. To read the 'minutes', or rather 'years', of the chart, just direct the ascendant CLOCKWISE. This is your Age Point.

Because you are counting clockwise this means that you are directing the Age Point against the flow of the signs. If the Ascendant is in Scorpio, the Age Point will move from Scorpio to Libra and then to Virgo, etc., and in that direction. The Age Point is directed at a rate of one degree for every two months, six degrees for every year, and every sign takes five years.

An entire tour of the birthchart takes 60 years. During this time the Age Point will have been directed through all the signs and made contact with every planet and configuration by conjunction or aspect. As the Age Point progresses through the chart, judgement may be passed on every accident or significant turning point in the life of the native. On the 60th birthday the Age Point returns to the natal Ascendant and this marks the beginning of the second lap.


M. Manilius (48 B.C.- 20 A.D.) outlined the cornerstone of the Age Point System in his Five Books on Astrology (Book Two). According to Manilius the horoscope may be divided into four quarters which represent the four ages of Man. Starting from the Ascendant and moving clockwise, the first quadrant from the Ascendant to the Midheaven represents the years of Infancy; the second quadrant from the Midheaven to the Descendant is for Youth; from the Descendant to the Nadir is for Manhood; and last of all, from Nadir to the Ascendant is for Old Age.

William Lilly (1602 - 1681 A.D.) provides a more detailed, but still approximate version of the Age Point technique on pages 134138 of his Christian Astrology. " -The quarter of the heaven containing the fortunes does show which part of life will be best, bringing the most of happiness and content into the life of the native. Contrary, that quarter containing the infortunes shows which part of the life will bring the most hardship. At this time the native will have little comfort, but encounter much labour and trouble, and there will be calamities and misfortune." Then he gets more specific: "- Usually we give each house five years, but sometimes more or less, according as you see the significators promising life or death".

Lilly used the technique in his practice of horary astrology. According to his explanation, the time of life when accidents come to pass was determined by the house position of the planet, but he also shows that he needed to vary his yardstick. It seems quite plausible that Lilly, this Grand Master of Horary Astrology, would correctly adjust his time measure according to the nature of his business. However, it could also be that the old style charting, where the houses provided the fixed reference grid, was inappropriate for Age Point measurement; i.e. a wide house stretching over large number of degrees may have lasted 7 or 8 years and not five.

Correct application of the Age Point System implies departing from mundane, house calculated directions and adopting the ecliptic as the proper circle of reference. The Age Point System directs from the Ascendant through the SIGNS, at an EVEN PACE CLOCKWISE. Each sign lasts five years and you DO NOT CHANGE! This might look like using an equal house system, but that is not what you are doing. You are directing BACKWARDS through the zodiac. You may still use the house system of your choice.


Remember how the Grandfather Clock chimes once every quarter hour. The Age Point System works in a similar manner. Every 15 years a topic is repeated. There is no direct repetition, as experience always moves on towards a new level. However, the reconstruction comes close enough and whatever the chart signified at the age of 11 will come to surface again at the age of 26 and at 41 years old. The Age Point directions give the native the chance to get on top of what is going on in his life.

Character and personality is a derivation of the psychological structure indicated by the planets in sign, house and aspect. The framework is set, however, the outfall might still seem to be a question of uncertainty. For the natal chart indicates the seed potential and raw material which according to an unknown measure of personal development and conscious effort, may be positively integrated, disposed and utilized through the composition of the personality. The contribution of astrology is therefore that of a navigation tool, to help the native become aware and acquainted with the relatedness of his environment, to encourage and promote both personal development and conscious efforts.

With the Age Point the native gets to understand the flow of events, and how these reside in his personal make-up. The progression through time and space spells out what lessons have to be learnt, which conflicts need to be resolved on a personal level. Up-coming challenges can be recognized in advance by tracing them in the past and through their placement in the psyche. This gives the individual an opportunity to evaluate his or her psychological composition, improve the personal assessment and also lift the experiential quality of future reconstructions. It is seen how even complicated circumstances of childhood may be transformed and lifted to the most purposeful expression and meaningful event at a later point of life. (Squares converted to trines or sextiles through the signs of long or short ascension, are most effective in this!)

Age Point directions cause themes or topics to be repeated every 15 years. This means that the 15th, 30th, 45th, 60th or 75th year etc., measured from any degree is crucial to any experience occurring or registering along the Age Point scale. This is when the Age Point forms any HARD ASPECT viz. conjunction, square or opposition, to the same point of the chart. The hard aspects can be seen at a glance and are your main working tools. The conjunction is most important of all. This is where the seed experience is located.

YOU DO also note the SOFT ASPECTS that the Age Point makes to the natal planets. These are useful in annual work. Sextiles and trines are mostly benefic, however not equally dynamic. Soft aspects do not reoccur with the same cyclic significance.

I have registered significant events in the lives of clients which should have occurred on the hard aspect, but which appeared on the semi square or sesquiquadrate instead. This does suggest a 7 1/2 year cycle to be in effect. The arc is definitely be worth noting, but mostly I have found it of a lesser or secondary order.

When the Age Point connects to a configuration, or to two planets that are connected, the orb between those two planets indicates the time span from when the event or project is initiated till when it is completed.



The first consideration is to examine the motion of the Age Point as it passes through each of the signs and from one sign to another. It takes for the Age Point 5 years to pass through one sign, from end to beginning. Thus, every 5 years brings the native to a junction where there is a major shift, change of path or circumstance. The sign shift is just like corporally moving from one room to another. Upon entering a new location the native re-orientates to a new environment. A new room provides a new setting. The sign sets the scene for the 5-year period to come. When working with a chart it is often helpful to note those years when the Age Point changes sign round the outside of the chart wheel. If, for instance, the natal ascendant is located in the 18th degree of a sign, this means that the sign shifts occur at age 3, 8, 13, 18, 23 etc. Your notes around the chart wheel provide an important reference grid. So in the first place it is important to consider the natural significations of the sign through which the Age Point is accidentally directed.

ARIES - self-assertion, pioneering activities, cutting, breaking through, making introductions, starting from scratch, a new job, personal drive, leadership, competition, combat, aggression, conflict, heated situations, inflammations, pushing, speeding, accident prone, the need to communicate in an ordered and systematic manner, working with young people, school teacher, midwife, helping people get established.

TAURUS - an easy going period, usually providing a steady income, becoming attached, a period of making investments and getting established, but there could be a lack of motivation or drive, difficulty in getting going, friendships and circumstances are stable and enduring, interest in finance, construction and building branch, art, culture or gardening.

GEMINI - new interests, mental stimulation, schooling, socializing, contact with young people, writers, journalists and the like, easy communication, understanding, agreement, meeting people of a same kind, fortunate for partnership, the feeling of having been brethren in a previous life, duality, life offering itself in double portions, nervous, dealing with controversy.

CANCER - close encounters with other people, nourishing relationships, attachment to the home and family, security, sensitivity, fruitfulness, generally fortunate for pregnancy and giving birth to children, belonging to groups, clubs, trusts, an important period of personal recognition, recognising self, experiencing changes of a personal nature.

LEO - personal promotion, creativity, magnitude, fame, public exposure, success, leadership, the advancement of the father, involved in drama, entertainment, confidence, meeting important people, self centring, personal application, vitality, fortitude.

VIRGO - work, study, personal development, discrimination, discussion & debate, business and thrift, controversy, practically involved with young people, schooling & instruction, traffic, communication, service, business before pleasure, acquiring skill, logic, attention to detail.

LIBRA - partnership, marriage, uniting, co-operation, crossing bridges, travelling, social possibilities, making friends, requirements of justice, a more balanced approach to life, looking for peace, interest into music and arts, need for honesty regarding self, sometimes caution regarding capsizing situations or falls.

SCORPIO - confrontation with problems at a deep level, going through the fire for causes you believe in, events make strong impact, profound changes, separations, sometimes reorganizing home or family, contact with doctors, psychologists, expects, meeting with sharp tools, surgery, making repairs, tactical behaviour, manipulation, secrets, examinations of private parts, sexual activity, research.

SAGITTARIUS - travel, education, philosophy, writing, promotion, publication, new possibilities, expansions, joy, freedom, sporting, investment, optimism, having fun, contact with lawyers, foreigners, legitimacies, passports, gaining certificates, diplomas, an outgoing and enjoyable period, but with the need to avoid excessive expenses, superficiality and land with feet on ground at the end of the day.

CAPRICORN - maturity, discipline, public responsibility, holding office, formalities, career drive, manifestation of self, less fruitful, no wish for children, having difficulty in getting children, or having to accept responsibility for unwanted children, awareness of age, contact with older people, sometimes illness or death in family, emotional entanglements are due to complications, difficult evaluations, navigational problems, the exercise of judgement, being presented with poor options, an unpleasant notion of causing karma, results and profits are delayed, the experience of stumbling through life, the need to recognize the limits of personal responsibility and make best effort.

AQUARIUS - separations, divorces, the need for personal space and freedom of speech, the urge for independence, breaking out of outworn or inhibiting patterns, disconnecting, emigrations, an exit or door of discovery, new acquaintances, membership in clubs and organisations, humanitarian and social activities, interest in technology, computers and the like, modernizing, a new car, great for partnerships based upon friendship and clear thought.

PISCES - a double sign providing multiple options, fruitful, variation, a lot of loose ends, travel, contact with foreigners, attracted to hospitals, institutions, idealism, interest in art and religion, development sought on an inner level, confusion in practical affairs, lack of direction, being on leave, unemployment, retirement, complicated involvement in karmic relationships, being joined to people by a strong inner bond, but practical interests going in opposite directions, attempting to undo knots, helping other people sort out imperfections, the pieces of the puzzle not matching.


The six months (i.e. 3 degrees) prior to the Age Point moving from one sign to another, is often experienced as a period of expectation. It is bit like the quiet before the storm. The native goes through a preparatory stage or a process of reorientation, but may feel confused as he or her is responding ahead of time. The moment is not yet ripe and nothing in the present is actually happening.

If a new project or relationship should be entered just prior to the cuspal transition, then that involvement either appeared in the very last moment and in the nick of time, or those circumstances engaged in are due for change and adaptation and the native will often get carried elsewhere than he or she anticipated.

The Age Point transition from one sign and entering another, the actual crossing of the cusp is a very potent time indeed. There is a sudden change of pace, new introductions, new directions, etc. Events upon the entry to a new sign are often indicative of what is on the build up for the period ahead. Entering a new sign will often release events signified by the planet or planets therein, but often circumstances may initiate or premeditate those issues that will come to a head when the Age Point reaches and connects to the planets located in that sign.

Example: If a sign contains one planet which is located in the 12th degree of that sign, and which is the significator of marriage, then marriage may occur at the time as the Age Point connects to that planet, although the partner may have been met 3 years earlier, as the Age Point stepped into the sign containing the significator. (It takes 18 degrees or 3 years for the Age Point to move from the 30th degree to the 12th degree of any sign)


Some particular observations

People, partners and professions

As the Age Point passes through one sign, the native have more dealings with those people and with those occupations under the rulership of that sign. Hence, while the Age Point is moving through Taurus, the natives friends might cluster under Taurus. The native could move into an important relationship with a Taurus, or is more potent to give birth to a child under this sign. There could be significant dealings with bankers, builders and artists.

Days of the week

The Moon has her exaltation in Taurus, therefore Monday is the most potent, fortunate or auspicious day of the week and tends to gather the most significant events and happenings. Because Taurus is ruled by Venus, who is exalted in Pisces, Fridays are also considered auspicious and of special potential but second order in order to Mondays. The most fortitude day of the week is first taken from the planet who receives exaltation in the sign through which the Age Point is directed, secondly by the exaltation of the ruler of that sign.


However, the sign containing the Age Point also indicates those bodily parts, members or organs that are most liable to strain during the period of direction. This makes way for a positive and preventive line of action. The client can be warned against an overload or situation of stress that could cause a serious or permanent injury.

I.e. When the Age Point is directed through Leo, the native may be advised to show caution in situations that make strenuous demands on the back. In this way is possible to ease wear and tear on the body and avoid inflictions that would tend to leave more durable marks. The cautioning of the client will naturally be found more valid and valuable for the latter years of life where natural determent is expected to set in.


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