THE AGE POINT SYSTEM - Part 3        copyright, Andrew J. Bevan, 2000 


When judging from the direction of Age Point through the signs, always look towards the ruler of that sign, or the almuten, because the nature and state of this planet, both essential and accidental, will very much determine whether the five year period to come is for good or for ill.

Consider whether the ruler is a fortune, or infortune, fruitful or barren, whether it is in good state and placed in a fortunate house, or angular, or combust, detriment, cadent, direct, swift in motion, slow or retrograde.

If the ruler is a fortune, i.e. Venus or Jupiter, then the native will perceive fortune in the period to come. There will be ease and social enjoyment. But if the fortune is an ill condition, i.e. by sign, house or aspect, there can be waste and loss, the feeling of not getting anywhere, according to the nature of that detriment.

If the ruler is an infortune, i.e. Mars or Saturn, then the period will bring work, effort, ambition, industry and accomplishment if that planet is in a good astrological state by sign, house and aspect. But if the infortune is in a poor state, then there will be obstacles, hindrance, accidents, loss, violence or disease. There is the need to know that people are not likely to grant you many favours. There is no free meal. There is the need to follow the rules, look after self and personal well-being, avoid overloads where possible.

On the other hand, with the infortunes there could be a positive involvement in social problems and/or effort towards restoring deteriorated buildings, or confronting weaknesses in other areas of importance, but this will not without some trouble or strife.

A dignified infortune is more useful that a fortune in a poor condition.

If the dispositor of the Age Point is in an angular house, then the native is brought forward to the front scene of life. If that planet is in a good astrological state, i.e. dignified, then the native will experience fortitude and preferment. If the dispositor is in detriment or fall, the native will observe scandal, crises, danger and controversy.

The Age Point dispositor retrograde can be an indication of weakness. There could be sickness, misdealings or the client can be cheated and lied to, especially if that planet is in its detriment or fall. However, there can be sudden and unlooked for events. If the dispositor bears a positive signification, there may be an unexpected windfall.

The Luminaries as dispositors, i.e. the Age Point moving through either Aries, Taurus, Leo or Cancer, are generally an indication of significant and vital periods in life, the gaining of one's own, but it is necessary to observe the state of the luminaries, whether strong, weak or void of course.

If the sign dispositor is void of course, then no new enterprise encountered during this period will have any future or bring financial profit. Relationships are of another world. The native should have seen that he or she was not getting anywhere and the relationship was doomed to fail. However, the impressions gathered from this epoch have a significant impact of the native and he or she may discover him or herself through these hardships. Several clients reported some supernatural experience. There could be interest for meditation, discovering astrology, or the like. It is a good period for art, improvisation, vacation, travelling abroad, etc.

The Age Point dispositor at the end of a sign shows it is a good period to work with the old, to pull the strings together, to complete work and close matters. The sign dispositor in the beginning of a sign indicates a period of pioneering and re-establishment.

If the sign ruler is combust then there will be imprisonment, loss or confinement. There may be fame and glamour but the loss of privacy and personal freedom. The native is overwhelmed. If Venus is combust, there may be an illegitimate relationship, particularly if combust in Aries. Jupiter combust is ill for lending or loaning money.

The planet entering the Suns beams and combustion is fortunate for those matters intended to be destructed, buried, concealed, kept in confidence or meant to end in secrecy. The planet departing from power of the Sun is good for discretion; or there could be an enterprise encountered from a mean start, with very little resources to go on. There is the need to overcome difficulties from the past.

If the dispositor of the Age Point is opposite the Moon, then at that time the native shall either emigrate or be separated from his or her home or family.

If the dispositor of the Age Point is opposite the Sun, and particularly when within 2 degrees of orb, then the native shall be brought to ruin. This disposition would prove more useful if it was the natives business to demolish and bring things down, as it would be if he or she were working with the destruction of old buildings, the disposal of waste or fighting weeds.

The oppositions to the dispositor of the Age Point indicate circumstances impressed upon the native through exchange with the environment.

Do not forget the manner in which the Age Point dispositor is contained. Planets on either side of the dispositor are likely to impress that centre planet according to their combined natures and how closely that planet is contained.

Notice the nature and quality of planets to which the dispositor of the Age Point is joined. By that I mean planets that are in conjunction. If that planet is in a fortunate condition and ruler of a fortunate house, then good can be expected. However, if the dispositor of the Age Point is joined to Saturn in the sign of his fall or detriment, i.e. Aries or Cancer, and he is ruler of the 10th house, then some public embarrassment or complicated situation can be expected. If the planet to who the dispositor of the Age Point is joined is ruler of the 7th, then this will often indicate the starting of a significant relationship, i.e. a partnership or marriage.

If the dispositor of the Age Point is elevated in the chart the native will be stronger and placed above peers or competitors at this point of time. It indicates a period of greater impact and importance.

If the ruler is positioned in its own hayiz or halb, then this will aid the native for the whole period as long as the Age Point is directed through the sign of its rulership. It will be experienced like a clearness of mind or atmosphere.


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