THE AGE POINT SYSTEM - Part 5       copyright,  Andrew J.Bevan, 2000 


When the Age Point is directed to a planet, or into a sign containing a planet, or from one planet to another, consider the following:

First, the natural signification of that planet, whether a fortune or an infortune, whether that planet is in a good or poor zodiacal state and whether it is the ruler of a fortunate or unfortunate house.

The fortunate houses are the 1st, 10th, 11th, 2nd. The unfortunate houses are the 8th, 12th, 6th, 3rd. A fortunate astrological state is when a planet is in it's own sign, exaltation, triplicity, term or face. Hayiz or halb may regulate the performance of that planet to greater efficiency of the better.

As the Age Point moves from one planet to another, then judge from the combined meanings of those two planets, with emphasis on the orientation towards the planet which the Age Point moves towards and which is entering the horizon of the native. Note the time it takes for the Age Point to move from the one planet to the next because a project or affair may have duration according that interval.

The lights indicate matters of prominence and personal importance; the fortunes ease; the infortunes obstacles, work and hard effort. The outer planets bring about extraordinary effects. Significators retrograde will often lead to unlooked for events.

The Sun

The importance of establishing and manifesting an expression of the self, the masculine part of the personality. There are often significant events connected to the career, work, enterprise, leadership or public recognition. Dealing with men, the father or people of fame or authority. Often recreation and childbirth. In childhood important events which relate to the men in the family, advancement of the father, impressions from teachers. Opportunities are more obvious in youth.

The Moon

Bringing a new expression of the feminine part of the personality to surface, important contacts with women, listening to personal needs, making changes, moving house, travelling abroad, dealing with the public, recognition, recapturing who you are, your outstart on life, being born, forming a home or family, dealing with one's fertility, a woman may give birth to a child.


Matters of commerce and education come in focus, making decisions, contracts, a busy period, contact with young people, mental stimuli, discussion, debate, new interests, statement of opinion, travel and communication, being informed. If Mercury is ill placed; being tricked, misguided and lied to. As Mercury is interchangeable of nature, pay particular attention to the house of his rulership. If Mercury is in a feminine sign, give priority to his feminine rulership, i.e. the house with Virgo on the cusp. If Mercury is in a masculine sign, look first to Gemini.


Venus is the lesser fortune and signifies an easy and enjoyable period of life, involvement in music or art. Lucrative events, comfort, good news, improvement in income or standard of living. Friends, social opportunities, attractive people and surroundings, giving and receiving love, affection, having an affair, meeting your partner, getting married. If Venus is ill placed there may be indulgence or problems in the above.


Mars is the lesser infortune and if in an ill condition will signify conflict, accidents, theft and loss. There may be fire, surgery, fevers or infection. The native gets into trouble, for speeding, gets cut back and receives unexpected cost. If Mars is in a good state, there may be enterprise, going to business, building on a house, etc. Contact with the police, military or sportsmen. Passions are strong. It is a question of channelling heat, energy and drive into a constructive and regulated outlet.


The greater fortune brings travel, education, opportunity, good luck, ease and wealth. He signifies legislations, certificates, diplomas, permits and passports. A tendency to expand horizons and put on weight. Generally one of the happiest and most successful periods of life. However, if the planet is in a dangerous position, i.e. in a poor state, the ruler of an evil house or conjunct an evil fixed star, there may be danger through exaggeration and carelessness.


Saturn is the greater infortune and brings the native to responsibility; whether brought to court or brought to office, one often has to deal with tough and unpopular issues. Classical texts warn of public scandal so watch your back. With Saturn there is no free meal.

There could be strain, illness, determent of health, obstacles, delay, separation, loss, old age, death in the environment or unexpected cost or taxes. Saturn indicates the repressions of the chart and could provide the opportunity to work these out in a meaningful manner. And there could be purpose relating to real estate, or the purchase of property and buildings. When Saturn is retrograde keep eyes open for things that are hidden, corrupted or in weakness. Also, the retrograde Saturn is more turbulent.

Saturn is a barren planet and in the charts of women he occasionally brings difficulties in matters concerning fertility or pregnancy. Sometimes there is a miscarriage, or the woman may chose to abort. She discovers it was an untimely event or she got pregnant for the wrong reasons. Yet, other times she may take responsibility for the situation and give birth to a health, yet unintended child. Either way it is the child that is the teacher. In one way or another we become aware of the realities of life and have to deal with these.


A change of job, a separation, divorce, relocation or even emigration can be in store. There is a need for more elbow space and room for individual particulars. Events move fast and the unexpected is to be expected. There is plenty of stimuli and the desire to branch out. Moving towards the new and breaking from the old. Seeking out things that are "different". Attracted to excitement and to grab to moment. Existentialism. New attachments are free-roaming and independent, short term, or need to prove themselves over time.


Neptune often fogs out the native. It's like a 12th house experience - things go wrong, the weather turns against you and letters get lost in official bureaucracy. The native might feel disarmed or pacified. The need to safeguard health and efficiency. In childhood there could be contact with old people, or old people are weakened and reduced. In the years of adulthood there could be energy-leeks or unemployment. Show caution with wish-wash people, full of wish-wash ideas. There is need to have a working plan, follow a users manual, have business-like reference points in personal matters and stick to them. Sometimes having learnt something from basic - as if everything was written in code or a foreign language. Fill this period with inspiration and do something selfless and idealistic. Enjoy music, art, smells, scents, oils and colour. Do something for the weak, poor, old or needy. It is an opportune period for travel, foreign countries, and culture. Lift the inner experience of yourself and others, and let the world drift sideways.


Pluto is forceful and often separative. The contact is often related to circumstances of which you have no control. Issues could include death, birth, surgery, blackmail or sex. So watch out. You could make contact with influential people, or yourself be in the position of powerful decision-making. Your life may be due to a significant change. This may be just what you've been waiting for. Pluto is highly passionate and there is a pressure increase. Pluto with Mars shows two knives. If no other project is on the run, it could be a warning of accident or controversy. On the definite positive side Pluto may bring hidden treasures or resources to the surface. There may be some mystical transform or initiation. Pluto with Saturn is an up-hill struggle with the culmination of many issues. The Age Point moving from Pluto to Venus or vice versa is an apt time for financial re-evaluation or a powerful affair or sexual attraction.


Basically both nodes flag a post of social or karmic connections. It could mean a marriage or a birth - or at another point of life a significant legislative contract, agreement or group venture. The north node is more so an indication of being surrounded by the right people, good teachers and support. The north node is generally more ample in supply and affairs are more smooth-going. The south node might be an indication of a weakness, retracement or vacuum. A birth could be tight or demand a greater effort on parties involved.


The Age Point connecting up with Chiron stirs up some interesting phenomena that give evidence of the importance and meaning of this maverick ice-ball of a minor planet. Astronomically Chiron is tossed to and fro between the worlds of Saturn and Uranus, and its presence in the chart eventually shows where and when you get tossed up. Chiron is an inconvenient benefic. It breaks up patterns that have been stuck for too long and it opens new doors that allow you to try out yours skills of survival. There is turbulence connected to the moment and often there will be a substitute, experiment or temporary solution. Often there is a key-person or key-moment that plays a significant part, it could be a teacher, mediator or guru figure, sometimes an alternative practitioner or even a half-brother or sister. Chiron freaks you out but is a Godsave in the long run. Chiron shows the act of fate and someone who does not belong or is not accepted on the same grounds of others within that field. But Chiron participates and is the means to an end. This minor planet may often show a role of adopting social responsibility.


The Age Point crossing or aspecting the Ascendant does not bear special significance since it will occur at equal points in time for all nativities. It is a neutral. However, I suppose the re-occurrence of the birth experience could be utilized a significant period of refuelling - if the native can find the time to undertake the vitalizing actions. The Age Point crosses the ascendant at the age of 60 years. The first semi-square at 7,5 years, the first square at 15 years, the sesquiquadrate at 22,5 years, the opposition at 30 years... and so on.


Contact with the Midheaven by conjunction or aspect shows a significant event or realization in the life of the individual. The nature of the event depends highly upon age of the native as to what will be significant at this point of time, but do look the signs involved as to a clue of the glue. The MC could indicate a marriage, but if in Pisces the question would be whether we were being practical, romantic? Or whether worlds and interests were at a tug of war?



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