THE AGE POINT SYSTEM - Part 6        copyright, Andrew J. Bevan, 2006 

The Age Point directed to the Rulers of the Houses

The direction of the Age Point to the body of a planet (or secondarily to the hard aspect i.e. opposition or square of that planet) is the indication of an important event or issue appearing in the life of the native. The event signified by the presence of that planet in a sign will register either as the Age Point crosses over the body of that planet, although it may bid its effects as the Age Point is directed over the cusp and enters the sign containing that planet.

The sign shift is a little bit like a person moving from one room and into the next. There may be the excitement of the people present in the point of new location at upon entering through the doorway, or the phenomena may wait until the native comes up to the body of those persons. Most frequently there is a change of circumstances upon the entry into a new sign and then matters tend to mature as things get gathered together for the length of time it takes for the Age Point to make its transition from the point of entry and up to the conjunction of that body. Important note: Don't forget that the Age Point is working backwards against the order of signs like a count down and upon entering a new sign it comes in at the end of the sign and works its way through the degrees in the following order... 29, 28, 27... etc. until after 5 years it has competed its passage through the sign and departs from the beginning of the sign at 0 degrees.

Judgement upon the nature of this event is composed in accord with the nature of that planet and it state though essential dignities and location by sign, but of primary importance is to consider those accidental virtues granted that significator through its rulership of house.


It is the accidental meanings of the planets that deal with the specifics of the mundane world. It is the time and place of birth that differentiates the individual from all other individuals born that same day, that determines the ascendant and also those specific signs and degrees located on the cusp of all the other houses. The planets receive their accidental significations from their rulership in the degrees on the cusp of those houses.

The significations that a planet receives either through its accidental location in house (see chapter 4) or through its accidental rulership of house is that what actually goes on in the chart. It gives a new meaning, a local and actual meaning, to the terms of benefic and malefic. While the planet Jupiter can essentially be a benefic though nature of its own powers and through essential dignities gathered from its celestial state, it still accidentally performs as a malefic in the chart if it has rulership i.e. over the 8th house. I take the 8th house as an example here because as the house of sex, death and taxes, the 8th house has such a profound effects on the boundaries of our sense of reality and identity. Where the ruler of the 8th house is located in the chart, this is where the native is brought to the fence and close to the boundaries between worlds. The meaning of the 8th house is the merging point of import and discovery, export and loss. 

Now while the Age Point crossing over the body of Saturn, who is damaged in the sign of his fall, Aries, and who also is the ruler of the 8th house, might knock the native across the head with a hammer or spade, another client with Jupiter as the ruler of the 8th house, located in his own sign Pisces, and reported a 'close to death experience' through what she described as being overwhelmed by the presence and direct experience of a spiritual entity. 

We will get to dealing with the 8th house in detail in the paragraph allocated to this topic, but I might mention here that while working with anything that deals with the eight house tends to scare the shit out of us, I like to think of it as an opportunity for maintenance, correction and also initiation and growth.

The malefics Mars and Saturn are brutish and of labour. They are the sticks and stones, hammer and spade of the solar system. They can be pretty handy to have round the house when there's a job to be done. But the consequence is dire when they spontaneously fly off through the air in their own ill-tempered fashion. In comparison, the benefics Venus and Jupiter don't bash you up in quite the same manner. They are like sugar and grapes, wallet and wine  - but may catch you by surprise and get themselves into infortune through excess and social indiscretion. Always consider whether the planet possesses essential dignities, i.e. is in own sign, exaltation, triplicity etc. because this will always improve the quality of that planet and rather tend to bring about some good resources, progress, advancement or satisfaction - rather than downfall.


When the Age Point joins with the ruler of the First house

This is an important transition period for the native and events may occur that are of strong personal significance. The interests and position of the native are fortified, often with considerable commitment, exposure or personal involvement. There is a possibility of asserting or reasserting the personality, by competitiveness, definition or maybe matters attended imply adjustments of health or personal appearance. It could be a good time for writing a book or a biography, for personal promotion and publicity but it could be wise to beware how personal affairs get out in the press according to the state of the planet and other significations in the chart. Affairs in particular: Health, identity, promotion, pioneering, copyrights, etc.


The Age Point joined with the ruler of the Second house

The conjunction to the ruler of the second house bears an interesting meaning because with the second house the native pours him or herself into things. This house acquires, invests and facilitates.  I like the word ‘invest’ because this does not mean only attachment and accumulation in the world of the material but it also means opening new doors and investing oneself in direction of the future. The second house is more enterprising than one might assume. It is having faith and belief in things and taking a stand on those points or issues. The house might show money, but more so it deal with liquidity, the tools to a means of turning things over. So when the Age point joins with the ruler of the second house there is often fortune and opportunity in accord with the nature of the sign on the cusp of the second and the strength, dignity and essential state of that planet who is the ruler.

The Age Point in conjunction with the ruler of the Third house

The third house deals with the here and now, and the immediate environment. It is about facilitating the moment and making things available to the general public. Being operative, making connections and making sure that things are attainable and in the position to get about. With the third house the native is involved in the relatedness between things and wants to be in the position to express, interact and trade opinion. As the Age Point joins with the ruler of the third house there is an increase in activity, business and local involvement. It would be an appropriate time for a new interest, a course, acquiring a new basic understanding of essential tools, or learning a new language. There could be interest into writing, media, communication, local politics or community welfare. Frequently there are events connecting to the brothers and sisters of the native, sometimes the focus is neighbours or neighbourhood.

The Age Point joined with the ruler of the Fourth house

The Age Point joining to the ruler of the fourth house will often provide for the dealings of real estate. A description of the property, its quality and location may be given according to the nature, location and essential state of that planet. The ruler of the fourth house may also show bringing things to a conclusion or end, dead and buried so to speak. But I have not seen this in reference to the death of the native or other relations, for that sake. It is more like gaining control, putting a cap on things and might be a good time for concealment or hiding things away. Coming to ones senses.

When the Age Point joins with the ruler of the Fifth house

This is a time of creative opportunity, a time of self-appliance, getting into things and expressing the self. Matters like love affairs, recreational ventures and children come into play. It could mean having a baby. The nature of the planet and its location by sign and other essential dignities tell more about the surrounding circumstances. For instance, the planet Saturn will on its own accord often confront the native with responsibility and maturity. But it could be that pregnancy was unanticipated and simply the consequence of having fun. The expression of a planet is always better if the planet is dignified, or in other ways well integrated into the chart. The conjunction between the Age Point and the ruler of the fifth is generally speaking quite a fortunate omen, showing a period of opportunity providing both an expression and confirmation of personal worth. The fifth house rules fun-loving play and speculation. Sometimes there is a project that carries into the field of art and entertainment. A bit like the second house the native invests himself but essentially on a more existential level.

The Age Point directed to the ruler of the Sixth house   

The sixth house deals primarily with function and efficiency. To deal with the tasks and toil of every day routines it is important to have a suitably equipped working environment. When the Age Point connect to the ruler of the 6th the native may be fitting him or herself for work, maybe in the process of armying up gathering together and assembling skills and tools. The health, readiness and aptness of the native are an important issue. There may be the need to brush up on health or diet. When the Age Point connects to the ruler of the 6th there are issues relating to either health or work in general. Because the 6th house is a cadent house, there may be something that is hard to get and out of reach. It may present and obstacle for a relationship.

The Age Point joined to the ruler of the Seventh house

Now the essence of the 7th house concerns the building of bridges and the native travelling out into the world to mirror him or herself some cause or project. In most cases ruler of the 7th house does involve marriage or a contract of partnership or agreement. Do look for the good and the opportunity for growth. Other times the target is not marriage but the native may travel abroad, or to some foreign place, or participate in a social enterprise of consultancy or representation, like in politics. The 7th house rules partners, yes, but primarily opponents. When dealing with the 7th house the native is in the battlefield, so to speak. It shows the native meeting up with but also getting in the way for the actions of others and the native may need to put up a defence. If Jupiter is ruler of the 7th and in an ill position, the native has to guard against the exaggerated confidence, foolishness and reckless behaviour of another party, or else become victimised. With the ruler of the 7th in particular it might be hard to see things coming. Fate and destiny may be connected to being able to say stop and get off at the right time. Now there's a thought...

The Age Point directed to the ruler of the Eighth house

The Age Point crossing the ruler of the 8th house is in my opinion one of the highlights of a chart because it is so evident in its effects. The 8th house challenges the personality and disrupts our understanding of a settled world. It is the box of taboos - death, taxes, sex, psychology, surgery and the occult, just about anything that is difficult to talk about. The 8th house takes us up to and often beyond the point of control. Those charts were there is a strong emphasis on the 8th, often people may acquire extraordinary skills, the surgical know-how, the therapeutic competence that endows them with power to resolve problem but which they probably initially seek because of an initiate experience of lack of power. With the Age Point conjuncts the ruler of the 8th house there is the liability of an accident; i.e. with Saturn by falls or heavy objects; Mars by heat or sharp objects like spears or knives; Mercury in the traffic. Its time to be careful and take care of your self, your needs. Even with Venus there may be an existential crises and psychological breakdown. Through its higher expression the connection with the ruler of the 8th can be a period of initiation, profound research, probing, discovery and personal growth. Basically, it is a time of correction and maintenance. It is a time to stay alert, to look left, look right, look left again and make sure that the tools are in the right hands.

When the Age Point joins with the ruler of the Ninth house   

The lord of the 9th house frequently expresses itself through matters of higher education, long distance travel, legal affairs and marriage. The key issue is the natives freedom to expand horizons of concept and participation along with the requirement of having secured the correct certification or passport that permits the native to such a level of participation. The 9th house represents the access keys. The certification of a higher education qualifies and permits the native to expand into the world at a higher level of participation. Marriage is essentially a legal document that secures the rights of matrimony. When the Age Point crosses the ruler of the 9th you might have to attain a passport or be called to court. When my natal Moon registered, which is ruler of the 9th and void of course in Aquarius, I was called to court to witness (the Moon being one of the Lights) regarding an accident between a motorbike and a car (Aquarius)– but the hearing was cancelled due to the driver of the motorbike accepting the fine (Moon Void of Course).

The Age Point conjunct the ruler of the Tenth house

As the ruler of the 10th house registers the native may be brought to express his or her highest potential. Matters of job, career and public standing are obviously in the limelight. Generally speaking the 10th house provides a golden for the native opportunity to show what he or she has is made of.  There could be public appearances, preferment and fame but if the ruler of the 10th is detrimented or ill placed in i.e. Scorpio there could be some scandal or public exploit that the native hardly would want to be a part of. The ruler of the 10th can indicate a predestined and fated event, or rising to the occasion of an important mission in life.  I recall the case of a woman who unexpectedly became pregnant at an early age, how making the decision of what to do with the situation affected her life from that point on and raising that child became one of her highest purposes in life. But most often the Age Point conjunction the ruler of the 10th is accompanied with peeks in ones profession and attainment.

When the Age Point directed to the ruler of the Eleventh house   

The 11th house is the house of free meals and unexpected fortune. When the Age point joins with the ruler of this house it is an indication of protection and that matters will work out to the better. What the native hopes for might work out. It is like an insurance policy – when things are going good you are ok, but when things go wrong you get the best out of that, too. There could the entering into some club or society of social significance, the social network and distribution net of the native expands.  The natives interests are taken care of by friends.

The Age Point joined to the ruler of the Twelfth house

The Age Point crossing over the ruler over the 12th house generally brings the native to quarters that are not obtainable to the general public. Generally speaking the ruler of the 12 house indicates hazard. There could be hospitalisation, imprisonment or institutionalisation, but other times the native finds meaning and reward through the call to some mission of compassion and sacrifice. However, there the native may be forced to turn in on him or herself and deal with the past. It could serve the purpose of inner growth and a restructuring of resources that again provides the opportunity a platform for creative ideas.  But it can be an unruly period of delay and detour, where weather and wind, and forces larger than life carry the native in unexpected directions. The transition of the ruler of the 12th may coincide with travel to some distant country.



Bear in mind that the Almuten of any house, meaning the planet that collects the greatest number of essential dignities on the cusp of the given house, may often proceed the ruler in describing the details of matters proscribed to that house. When the Age Point is directed to any planet it is important to observe whether this planet enjoys such dignity that may allot it with unanticipated virtues in its disposal of effects.

Considerations regarding the Lesser Essential Dignities found on the cusp of any House

When questions occur that have concern to matters under the domain of specific houses, i.e. 2nd house - money, 4th house - real estate, 5th house - children, 6th house - health, etc. then see whether the planet to which the Age Point connects holds dignities on the cusp of the house belonging to the matter in question and judge according to that virtue. Virtue on the cusp of the house by exaltation will give force and competitiveness to the matter in question. Dignity by triplicity on the cusp of matters enquired will support and affirm. Dignity on the cusp of the house in question will manage and perform.


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