THE AGE POINT SYSTEM - Part 7        copyright,  Andrew J.Bevan, 2002



Transits made to the Age Point are significant! Remember that the Age Point is directed Clockwise by one degree every second month and the Age Point changes sign once every 5 years! Naturally, the transits of the outer planets to the Age Point are those worth making note of. And then I mean those planets from Jupiter throughout to Pluto. You might get a kick out of Mars, but rarely is Mars significant in a major way when acting on his own. However, he may add pressure to the build up and you might want to go steady with that foot on the accelerator for a day or two.

When looking for transits to the Age Point; keep it simple - keep it sweet! Conjunctions may be enough. Oppositions obviously have impact, but stay close to home! You do not want to loose your EYE-ON perspective of what’s going on in the chart.

The entry of a transiting planet; Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto - into the sign containing the Age Point is enough to change the setting or scenery. Someone new enters the picture. Upon the entry of a planet into this sign, something unexpected or a change of plan may occur - something new is on the build-up. When the transit/conjunction is perfected, affairs come to a culmination.

Transits made TO THE RULER OF THE SIGN OF THE AGE POINT are significant! A period can be boosted by i.e. the passage of Jupiter across the ruler/dispositor of the Age Point. Thus, the state of the ruler/dispositor in the radix is quite crucial.


Eclipses cause affair to collapse, quite unexpectedly. Or the person is thrown into a clinch or an unlooked for pregnancy. Trifling affairs may boil over and suddenly the person is up in it to his waist. But most often objectives are not gained and prospects are cancelled.


Contrary to the eclipses, the lunations can be quite useful. Particularly the New Moon, which brings significant turnings and upstarts. So when the Age Point meets with a current new Moon +/- 4 months, events take a higher importance. The Full Moon brings about a greater sway. The emotional fluctuations are greater. There might be some turmoil. Publicity could be fantastic, but so also exposure. There is a greater tendency to change and travel. The nature of events is more unruly and the participation of outer circumstances is larger. The Full Moon throws light on matters.


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