Kjell Magne Bondevik


Posted early 2002:

Kjell Magne Bondevik is a qualified priest and has radix Venus in the Heart of the Sun. This allignment with the Sun at 9VI50 is conjunct the ascendant of the National Chart of Norway at 8VI46. His Solar Chart puts the Moon's north node on the midheaven.

Bondevik was taken ill due to stress and exhaustion in September 1997 and took a break from his work while his Solar Age Point crossed through the degree of the Moon's fall at 3 degrees Scorpio. He has enjoyed great popularity as Norwegian Prime Minister, also the leader of a government with the smallest parliamentary basis in Norwegian history. His Solar Age Point entered to the sign of Libra, relating to the cazimi Venus (in the Heart of the Sun) in May 1999. From this it could be predicted he would serve a new period as Prime Minister within a new coalition. However, his power will diminish as the Age Point crosses the body of Neptune in late 2002 (age 55)