Channel Tunnel Traps 2000

by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 2009

Extreme Weather Causes Travel Hazard
Due to extreme weather conditions, four trains and over 2000 people got trapped in the Channel Tunnel on 18 Dec 2009 due to temperature differences inside and outside the tunnel. I am sure this event was widely covered in the British media. When did the trouble first occur?

Passenger Edward Carey, from London, said to the Telegraph on 19 Dec that he had boarded his train at 7.15pm last night in Paris. Link: Telegraph. This chart shows Asc 27CN11 MC 3AR53 Moon 21CP54 POF by night 2CN15
Saturn is sitting on the IC, square Pluto and semi-square Mars, who is only a day ahead of his station. Pluto is also opposite Fortuna. I apply the reversed calculation for general purposes and observe that it often has to do with oversea travel. Do we have a chart for when the tunnel was opened. Is stationary Mars triggering anything in that chart, and doesn't the current Saturn square Pluto spell extreme weather and trouble in tunnels?

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