"Astrology's admission to the Yellow Pages"
In 1987 I succeeded in getting Astrology admitted to the Yellow pages of the Norwegian telephone directory. In the mid 80's this was no simple matter. The national telephone company "Televerket" were at the time very conservative. Here are 3 documents pertaining to the issue. The second document is a photograph of the carbon copy of my original letter. The carbon has faded and it is difficult to read. English translations follow at the foot of each document.


Translation of 1st document. From "Televerket" to Andrew Bevan, June 22.1987:

Astrology is a very special field. The Astrological Institute at the University of Oslo is discontinued (My note: "Astrology has never been a disipline at the Oslo University"), and there is no official research into astrology in Norway.

Professor Rolf Brade, Astrophysical Institute at the University, Blindern, advises us against admitting the term "Astrology" as an 'Own Branch' into the trade directory of our telephone catalogues .

In connection with the information provided with your letter of June 1, we also made an enquiry with the Norwegian Industrial Association. The Association informs us that astrologers are not used as consultants within Norwegian trade and industry. The Industry Association advises us against establishing the branch.

With basis in the above, we will not admit "Astrology" as a branch in the trade directory - the Yellow Pages.

If you wish your name and title to be registered in the personal directory with the telephone numbers 238160 or 443170, you must write to Televerket, Oslo teledistrict, The Directory Office, PB 451, Centrum, 0104 Oslo 1.




Translation of 2nd document. From Andrew J. Bevan to "Televerket", July 7.1987:
To the Tele Directorate

I have received your dismissal to my application of a listing in the telephone catalogue's trade directory, your decision which I unfortunately cannot accept.

The telephone is a service apparatus to which I subscribe. Astrology is my branch and I have customers all over the country. This includes private individuals, company managers, schools, tuition bodies, libraries, book stores, newspapers, popular magazines, radio, television, healthfood stores, restaurants, etc..

It is not the part of Televerket to involve in the discussion of whether astrology is a science or not. I sent an application with appropriate references to your office. If further documentation was required to approve the application, it would have been correct of you to send me a letter requesting the necessary information to be provided. I cannot see from your letter that you have contacted any of those references I have referred to.

Mr. Rolf Brade is a recognized opponent of astrology. What does astrophysics have to do with astrology and consultancy services?

As far as I know there has never been an astrological institute at any Norwegian University and I do not know your source to this information. However, there are held lectures on astrology at the University of Sussex by M. Edwards - a gentleman holding a qualifying QHP in astrology - the same background as myself.

I have not had contact with the Norwegian Industrial Association and would appreciate if you provided your reference at this association.

The branch directory is, as well known, a very comprehensive catalogue including numerous different branches. There are psychologists, physiotherapists, homeopaths, art craftsmen, freelancers (journalism/photo), artists, conjurers, bookstores, and a wide range of various schools, hair dressers, etc...

It simply does not do that you turn down my application and I ask you to reconsider. What do you need?

Sign. Andrew J. Bevan





Translation of the 3rd document. "Televerket" to Andrew J. Bevan, July 14.1987

Astrology - the Trade Directory

To get this matter out of the world - we will admit "Astrology" as an own branch in the trade directory commencing with catalogue part 1 - 1988.

If we later should receive criticism for this decision, we will reconsider the admission of the branch.

Notification regarding registration is sent to the Teledistrict, Directory Office, where the telephone number you wish listed does belong.