Carl I Hagen


Posted Feb. 2003:

Carl I. Hagen is one of the veterans or rather dinosaurs of Norwegian politics. Hagen has lead Fremskrittspariet (Progress Party) since 1978!!! In 2003 makes 25 years and his political career will be left archeologist for analysis. However, Carl I. Hagen has been persistent in his politics which foremost has had the mission of ruffling feathers from their political opposition. The party has expanded to become the largest at Parliament, neck to neck with Arbeiderparitet (Labour) and H°yre (Conservatives). The thing with Hagen and Fremskrittspartiet is that their politics is seen as too extreme and no other party has wanted them as a coalition partner. However, every minority government the last decade has been at the mercy of Carl I. Hagen.

At the age of 57 1/2 (November 2001) Carl I. Hagens Solar Age Point entered Taurus. This marks the begining of a powerful 5 year period shown by Venus in the first degree of Taurus (dignity by both sign and term) and in the degree of the nodes.

The prediction must be that Fremskrittsparitiet is due to continue its growth and come to power under the leadership of Carl I Hagen.

The other alternative to look for is the growth of Sosialtisk Ventre (socialistic left), the leadership of Kristin Halvorsen and coalition between SV, A (Labour) and SP (Cetre party). Appologies to Carl I. Hagen for mentioning it here