Bedriftsastrologen: Andrew J. Bevan

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Solar eclipse warned Oil-market stoop in 2005.

Andrew predicted a 33% drop to Norwegian stock market

Should providers of commercial pay-phone services define astrology as 'Entertainment?'

04.04.11 Hegnar Online, "Correction in April, Seismic San Francisco"
16.03.11 Hegnar Online, "Astrologer warns Earthquake"
01.08.10 Hegnar Online, "Astrology is a Science - Says Bombay High Court"
01.08.10 Hegnar Online, "Astrologer Arch Crawford fears Market Crash"
08.06.10 Hegnar Online, "Can see who will Win the World Cup?"
05.02.10 Hegnar Online, "Job numbers not likely to help market"
16.08.09 Hegnar Online, "On the Norwegian General Election"
* 4 08.10.08 Hegnar TV,      Placement 9min 30sek. Hegnar: "No one can know"
08.10.08 Hegnar Online, "Astrologer sees Markets bottom today"
21.09.08 Hegnar Online, "People will loose their heads"
15.09.08 Hegnar Online, "Astrologer sees Black Hole in finance
19.09.07 Hegnar Online, "Astrologer and Solar Researcher predicts New Top"
18.09.07 Hegnar Online, "Looks for FED to cut by 50"
15.06.07 Hegnar Online, "Astrologer fears Crash"
21.09.06 Hegnar Online, "Constellations equal with 1987"
18.06.06 Hegnar Online, "Astrologer predicts market down 33%"
* 3 16.06.06 Hegnar TV,       Placement: 24min50sek, "33% Downside"
14.06.06 Hegnar Online, "Warns & explains unexpected turnaround"
* 2 13.06.06 Hegnar TV,       Placement:12.min 45sek, "Re. analysis May 29."
* 1 29.05.06 Hegnar TV,      Placement: 8.min 35sek;" Bear Market Scenario"
23.03.06 Hegnar Online, "Astrologer sees new fall"
03.01.06 Hegnar Online, "Astrologer warns Italy quake"
19.10.05 Hegnar Online, "Astrologer gets it right"
29.09.05 Hegnar Online, "More signs of trouble to Markets"
17.09.05 Hegnar Online, "Astrologer warns upheavals"
29.09.05 Hegnar Online, "Norwegian Election"
03.01.05 Hegnar Online, "Indonesian Earthquake predicted"
07.11.04 Hegnar Online, "Astrologer predicts natural catastrophe"
21.07.03 Hegnar Online, "The Market will fall"

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Astrology applied in technical analysis of financial markets.

Andrew spies both financial crises in 1997 and Lewinsky affair.

Norwegian government and Crash to financial markets.