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by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 2009

Mercury says it All!

- an article posted at Skyscript.co.uk 13 Nov 2009

I was conversing with a female client yesterday and my attention was drawn to the fact that she at one point of her life entered a relationship with a Virgo and immediately became pregnant and gave birth to a child on 26 Aug 1996, with the Sun in Virgo. Virgo is the sign of purification and I judged that the occurence of two Virgos was the signature of Mercury and similar to Mercury in a state of exaltation in his own sign Virgo. There was a message here and something to be noted!

I went to my ephemeris to check the date and curiously I found a fold in the page on this date. Check the ephemeris and see where the fold starts. Notice also which day the flip is pointing at in the table of the Moon's last aspect and ingress to the next sign.

American Ephemeris Aug 96

So I asked for the child's birthdata and here is the chart:

Mercury in this chart is not only culminating in the South, but also 0 Libra and on the Autumn Equinox. Transit Saturn has just recently covered this degree and is moving through the native's 10th house. I sent the mother an email with a scan of the curious fold in the ephemeris at 18.08 CST or 17.08 GMT, at which time the Moon was 29VI52. Then I sent a request for the child's birthtime at 19.22 CST or 18.22 GMT, when the Moon was 0LI34. The Moon was transiting the Midheaven of the child's chart and also crossing the natives Mercury!

What on Earth do you make out of such a collection of coincidences?
Is this the signature of a person with some remarkable talent? 
Time will show - I am expecting this person might turn up further down the line.

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