Siv Jensen                                                            - by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.



Posted Aug. 13 2009: 

Siv Jensen is the current leader and Parliamentary leader of the Progress Party (FrP) and has been a permanent member of the Norwegian Storting since 1997. In September 2009, at the time of the Norwegian election, her Solar Age Point is 8Libra55. The first and next transition point is the opposition to Chiron, which indicates much turbulence, rubble and unrest in the wake of the Norwegian election. The aspect is exact and at its height in March 2010. However, in August 2010 there is the antiscia to the Moon's North node. Even though 12 months must pass until this direction culminates it could indicate that Jensen is on the threshold of a powerful alliance or agreement. Her Solar Age Point is square Transit Pluto through May to August 2010, which is likely to be a period of great combat, drive and intensity. In March 2011 there is a change of gears as the Solar Age Point leaves Libra and enters Virgo. This will be a period of great excitement, however, cooperation could be a problem. She will have to be careful as not to pit herself through Spring and Summer '11 as her SAP closes in on the Moon's South node. However, the planet providing the packet of surprises in the beginning of March 2011 is the planet Uranus.

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