Italy warning - Etna eruption

Andrew J. Bevan predicts a cluster of major earthquakes in the wake of solar eclipse 11.Aug 1999. He detects connection between quakes in Turkey, Athens, Taiwan pending towards calculated keydate 28. September. Italy in zone with high level of risk. Fortunately, Italy holds free but the volcano Etna, on Sicily, has its largest eruption for several decades. Further down follows copies of Andrew's telefaxes to Norwegian seimological authorities and to the Italian Embassy.

Solar eclipse Aug.11. 1999


My experience with earthquakes following eclipses of the Sun caused me to anticipate a potential large scale earthquake in the Italy region close to Sep.28.1999. This would be 47 days after the solar eclipse of Aug.11.1999. As the Astro*Cartography Map shows the eclipse is in the South and on the upper meridian of Rome when it is at its height. This is in opposition to Uranus, who thus is close the lower meridian, or IC. There is a violent Grand-Cross in the chart also involving malefics Mars and Saturn. This may be seen as a warning of a potential earthquake or increase in seismic activity. I gathered that the region around Italy could be particularly vulnerable due to the focus on the meridian and since the eclipse occurs in Leo, the sign most commonly associated with this nation.


Solar eclipse Aug.11. 1999, Rome


On Aug.17.1999, Izmit of Turkey is hit by an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale and causing over 17.000 casualties. This was eyebrow raising because the quake occurs only 6 days after the eclipse of the sun and in a global sense it is not far outside the 'watch area'. The quake occurs 6 lunar quarters prior to my estimated kyedate of September 28.

Then on Sep.7.1999, Athens of Greece, is rocked by a quake of  6.0 Richter. Virtually the same region at the earthquake of Izmit, but coming closer to Italy and the Etna area. The earthquake of Athens occurred 21 days or 3 lunar quarters before the estimated keydate, 3 lunar quarters after the Izmir quake and was located on the chronological midpoint of Aug.17 and Sep.28.

On Sep.20.1999, Taiwan suffered a tremendous earthquake measuring 7.6 Richter and causing 2.400 casualties. This is not within the target area but the quake occurs a mere week or 1 lunar quarter before the keydate, 2 lunar quarters after the quake hitting Athens. Notice how the outer planet Pluto is located on the upper meridian of the new down strike area.

I am pleased to register that Italy was not hit by a cataclysmic on September 28.1999, but it is a fact that this date coincides with the most significant eruption of Etna to occur in several decades.





To the Italian Embassy, Oslo, Norway