Date: 25.11.2010, Update 15.12.2010                                                                                                  

Conflict in Escalation - Eclipse rises in Tension Zone

Astro*Cartography Chart for Lunar Eclipse Dec 21. 2010

The Lunar Eclipse of Dec 21. shows that the tension in the Korean peninsula will be sustained for some time to come. Aggression in the area was already highlighted by Mars in the South in the New Moon chart of November 6. 2010, see below. Issues need to be carefully monitored and resolved in this area.


N.Korea attacks S.Korea at Yeonpyeong Island

North Korean attacked the South Korean Island Yeonpyeong at 14.34 local time on November 23. 2010, according to VG. A chart cast for the moment of the attack shows how Aries, ruled by the warrior planet Mars, is on the Ascendant. Pluto, the planet of offense and intrusion is culminating in the South. The chart shows how the Moon in Gemini is opposite Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius.


The preceding New Moon

A chart cast for the preceding New Moon of November 6. 2010 show that Mars was in the direct South and on the Midheaven of Yeonpyeong. This causes tensions to peak and matters of conflict and strife to boil over - as was the case in both the Kosovo-conflict and the Persia Gulf War. The New Moon of November 6. occurs in the sign of Scorpio, which  rules Korea according to R.E.Bills. Mars is the ruler of Scorpio and is located in the South, as has been pointed out. Mercury, Lord of the 4th house, which rules territorial rights, opposes Algol and is in a tight square to Neptune in the 1st house.


New Boil on November 27-28?
In my opinion the first test of tension will be on in this conflict will be on November 27-28. as the Moon passes through the sign of Leo. The descendant in the preceding New Moon is 20LE04, while the location of the Moon when the attack was launched against Yeonpyeong was 19GE02. When the 8,8 Richter earthquake hit Chile on February 27. 2010 (, the Moon was 18LE25 and trine the exaltation degree of the Sun. As the Moon on November 27-28. transits this point, it will also trine Mars at 18SG56 in the chart of the initial attack.
The Lunar Eclipse of July 26. 1953

North Korea and South Korea are still technically at war after a truce, but no peace treaty, was signed on July 27. 1953. This truce was entered on the day after a total lunar eclipse in the 3rd degree of Aquarius. The Moon disposes Mars, who is in the degree of his fall, at 28 Cancer. The eclipsed Moon is in a square the degree of her exaltation at 3 Taurus and fall at 3 Scorpio. Luna was disposed by Saturn, in the degree of his exaltation at 21 Libra. The planet Saturn spends 29,5 years to complete a revolution of the Sun and 57 years after the truce was entered has once again returned to the sign of Libra.
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